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Pinned Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread



JVS Emulator



Ring Edge 2 replacement fan size?


Crimson Kino

NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution



IGS PGM Cart PCB Scans (And Projects)



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  • tonyt76 -

    Liked jassin000’s post in the thread Can the cps2 boards that came in metal cases be multied?.

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    You can make some nice conversions by rewriting the SIMMs using the DS CPS3 Multicart. But no multi (without some major/crazy rework and even then prob not) support. Maybe at some future point @Darksoft could officially support the all-in-one CPS2? He…
  • djsheep -

    Liked hursit’s post in the thread Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production.

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    Hello people Just small update :P Im really busy nowadays, and sometimes i can miss the questions or the PM's. Sorry about of that. But thanks to @Derick2k @rewrite and @Cereth , they are always here :thumbsup: Be carefull about your fingers :P
  • triple_lei -

    Liked UYO’s post in the thread Mobile System 2x6.

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    I'm making a mobile System256, so I'll secretly introduce it here. It weighs about 12 kg and consumes about 70-95 W including the monitor. It can operate for over 2 hours with an external battery of about $ 160. Currently, it has HDD games, but if you…