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Naomi/Chihiro/Triforce Security Key case/cover



Pinned Games with Issues



New Puyo Pop Fever game (world/english version of japanese Puyo Puyo Fever)


Magus Incognito

Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff



Monitor Test Bench Solution Help.



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  • kazuo -

    Liked djsheep’s post in the thread Namco Exceleena 1 + 2 cabinets..

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    Looks more "burnt" than "corroded"
  • ar2r -

    Replied to the thread Naomi/Chihiro/Triforce Security Key case/cover.

    Quote from mathewbeall: “Quote from ar2r: “Hi, this is an old thread but i thought i will share my take on this matter my printer is not the best so no chance of recreating the original. @twistedsymphony summarised it quite well I have a 3d printed…
  • SmokeMonster -

    Liked ShadowX’s post in the thread Primal Rage PCB Restoration.

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    I am happy to report my little arcade project tonight was a success! First off, a huge reason for me getting into collecting my favorite arcade games is the unequaled SOUND. Emulation just plain demolishes it and doesn’t do the real hardware justice.…
  • waiwainl -

    Liked wigsplitta’s post in the thread Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix.

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    I bought a 32ML600M and 32MP58HQ (there was a 20% off sale on ebay at the time :D ) In a side by side test on my desk, I didn't see a preference, so I put the 32MP58HQ in the Vewlix, and am using the 32ML600M as PC monitor
  • Royalsystemcrt -

    Replied to the thread Games with Issues.

    Here with an other bios and other hardware also work if you press start pxl_2017.jpg
  • Royalsystemcrt -

    Replied to the thread Games with Issues.

    Hello Darksoft team I can confirm the same reboot issue on suberdodgeball as well . It reboot unless you press start unibios 4 pxl_2016.jpg