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MV-1C backup ram error


PCB Repair



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Martial Champion to Mystic Warriors - Conversion/Guide



How to add earth ground.



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  • xtrasmiley -

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    Quote from SmokeMonster: “Quote from nassekova: “I think I heard some where (probably was in @SmokeMonster video) that some bootlegs require higher 5v to work. Since they are bootlegs and the quality varies so hard to tell. But you might want to test set…
  • merrygoomba -

    Posted the thread MV-1C backup ram error.

    My MV-1C suddenly boots with this error,arcade-projects.com/forums/ind…7d2b154f4c9b2068ab13dfc08 Any idea what this means or what chip I need to replace, if any ? Thanks.
  • chomponooch -

    Liked twistedsymphony’s post in the thread PCB Repair.

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    My process is generally: 1. boot up the board and verify voltages. identify what it's doing wrong so you have a base line, try flexing the board slightly, wiggling the edge connector, putting pressure on SMD and socketed chips and see if any of these…
  • chomponooch -

    Liked TheDeath’s post in the thread PCB Repair.

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    Other tips might be usefull, as they were for me: Get a copy of "ON SEMICONDUCTOR TTL data book". This is like bread to me, it will help you understand logic of chips, how they works, where to check outputs (mostly), what are gates and so on. it's free…
  • xodaraP -

    Replied to the thread PCB Repair.

    IC socket common sizes I use a lot and keep regular stock of: 24 pin 0.3" 28 pin 0.3" 28 pin 0.6" 32 pin 40 pin Basic tools: Soldering iron Good leaded solder Multimeter Logic probe Fibreglass pen Hobby knife That should get you started :)
  • bobbydilley -

    Replied to the thread Latest news on Atomiswave 2 Naomi.

    Hope this isn't annoying anyone on this thread, but I was playing with my naomi the other day and noticed that the game names for things like Maximum Speed are "AW2NAOMI". Is there any reason why the game name isn't placed properly in the header like…
  • alfa75 -

    Replied to the thread PCB Repair.

    Are there any chips, ics or similar which I should surely have as basic equipment? If I ordered straight IC sockets and it was worth the shipping, I would order more.