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Were MVS shells reused at the factory?


Pinned Irem M72 multi kit installation & support



Blast City General Questions



New Sega Daytona usa



NGDEV - What are they thinking?



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  • Vanceastro -

    Posted the thread Were MVS shells reused at the factory?.

    Hi all, I’m new to MVS collecting. One of my carts is a Puzzle Bobble, and I’m curious about its possible history. I’ve checked the boards against MVS Scans, and they are original. I was wondering about the shell and label, however. The label looks…
  • Invader -

    Replied to the thread Irem M72 multi kit installation & support.

    Just installed the M72 multi. I used a X-Multiply as a donor board and followed exactly the explanations on the first page here. arcade-projects.com/forums/ind…dbd28124ce5664cd8e57f8e2d It works perfectly, thank you a lot @Apocalypse and @Mitsurugi-w
  • piroxilin -

    Liked Kujako’s post in the thread Cheap Sega 16B multi-kit from China. A review..

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    So I picked up a "17n1" board for the Sega 16B off the eBays for a low price (under $200USD with free DHL shipping that got here in under two weeks). I was a bit trepidatious, but I actually have a similar kit on my CPS1 that uses the same cheap IR…
  • piroxilin -

    Liked MetalliC’s post in the thread Model 2 /3 Security hacks.

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    np, at the side note - check this mega.nz/file/ZU8knaBA#1VYmuQx3…SzsBwkHc8MG0fkONnf2TD4iT4 unprotected Model 3 Dirt Devils
  • Mrhide -

    Replied to the thread Blast City General Questions.

    Quote from slevin: “I like the idea of the Naomi Netdimm I think, so I might try and work on that on the side as I get this Blast City up and running with a PCB game sooner. Thanks for your time! ” Your cab power CN3 connector is currently not…
  • Soundmazta -

    Replied to the thread New Sega Daytona usa.

    Sega racing classic is running on ringwide but has model 2 dash. Also the drive board looks like a remake of the original Sega usa drive board. The new Sega Daytona is running with happ drive board and dash just like Sega rally 3, Sega grid...
  • rewrite -

    Replied to the thread NGDEV - What are they thinking?.

    Quote from hoagtech: “The games are $500 fuckin dollars. (And they sell out) Make more you dum dums. ” They don't "sell out", because it's an open pre-order window. Anyone that wants one can buy one, they aren't limited. Once that pre-order window…
  • AlxUnderBase -

    Replied to the thread Cheap Sega 16B multi-kit from China. A review..

    i don't reccomend Lydz products because, i told him ... his CPS1 multi kit ... was send 2 times for Repair .... A board broke with different parts but with the same issue ... Start button from player 1 gone two times , and second time , C board broke too…
  • Mrhide -

    Liked BlinG’s post in the thread Blast City General Questions.

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    Quote from slevin: “Discharged the tube with my fancy tool and got the monitor out, found the ‘black goop’ I kept reading about. Going to bring it to PNL tomorrow to get a second opinion on it. ” The black goop doesn't do any damage to the…