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DreamPSU / SaturnPSU at retropsu.com



Help identifying the Sega I/O Type on pictures



Just bought a broken Raiden 2 cab (Dynamo HS-9) from skating rink. Repaired monitor not working. Pics


Hatsune Mike

My candy cab budget stream setup. (Guide with links)



What is the CPU processor for the Killer Instinct PCB?



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  • deibit -

    Replied to the thread DreamPSU / SaturnPSU at retropsu.com.

    I was lucky enough to get two dreamcast PSUs. They work really great. I don't understand why he's got an issue with the DC PSUs thought, I thought all the drama was just because of the Saturn variant.
  • DarthMig -

    Liked Fluffy’s post in the thread PGM single game PCB interest check.

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    Drawing the line here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone above will be in the first order, anyone below will get boards until I run out. I am a bit busy with work right now, but I'll make the order soon.…
  • invzim -

    Replied to the thread Help identifying the Sega I/O Type on pictures.

    Quote from tonyt76: “@twistedsymphony I need your help. I'm using the Rev B Sega JVS to Jamma adapter. I had a cable made that goes from CN8 on the Blast I/O to the 14pin input on the JVS/Jamma adapter. It is wired exactly as you posted, but I am not…
  • Huh, I have a k7000 (I think not-a) in my Super Hang-On where the flyback's been fully cooperative so far. If I see a drift in focus or gross bias, I'll think about replacement. My gut feeling is that a factory flyback could be better than a replacement,…
  • Derick2k -

    Replied to the thread DreamPSU / SaturnPSU at retropsu.com.

    Quote from archimage: “I preordered 2 of them, so double waste for me. I won't blame the man but it tastes bitter. I don't know if I'd spend more on this. ” I feel your pain. I also went for 2 of these, plus I had sent him payment through his site…