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MVS 4-slot issues



Pinned Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS



Wells Monitor always saying out of range when in VGA mode


PGM multicart interest check



PGM single game PCB interest check



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  • RandomRetro -

    Replied to the thread MVS 4-slot issues.

    Tested a known UniBios 4.0 and same issues. Going to burn a diag chip and give that a try and then focus in on the probe.
  • DeWitt -

    Liked rockbottom’s post in the thread Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games.

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    My 161 arrived today, it's version 2, nice and clean, fully working*, someone's already done the "stability fix" (bridged PDWAIT1 and PDTACK together). Was kinda hoping it would be v1 so I could get straight on with the hacking... well it is what it is…
  • sk8er000 -

    Liked ekorz’s post in the thread Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS.

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    @sk8er000 the namco system 1 has those two bi-polar caps at c2 c3. It would be nice to indicate that on the spreadsheet if possible! The part you picked out was right but in case they’re out of stock it’s best to have it noted
  • sk8er000 -

    Replied to the thread Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS.

    I added it on the "type" field. Thank you for the suggestion @ekorz
  • sk8er000 -

    Liked Hammy’s post in the thread ZN1 Bios board arrives!.

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    Big update first post, fixed the final bios calls on tecmo and now everything is running smooth :)
  • tengugurl -

    Posted the thread Wells Monitor always saying out of range when in VGA mode.

    Hi there! I have a spare chassis that I finally got around to testing today and phew, it works! Ish.... The chassis I am working with is a Wells Gardner D9200 that's capable of doing CGA/VGA without issue. (I do like these chassis normally lol this is…
  • RandomRetro -

    Liked Rom1’s post in the thread MVS 4-slot issues.

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    It's a click of death. Try a diagbios, it involves no skill so it's always the first step for a diag. Then we'll search deeper.