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Supergun project v2



F-Zero AX Wheel Project



Glorious Irem M72 multi



Boardmaster Supergun thread



Question about Sony trinitron crts Kv-27fs200



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  • Max_Power -

    Replied to the thread Supergun project v2.

    Quote from werejag: “what is this box? ” His wife's old shoe box...
  • Darksoft -

    Liked brizzo’s post in the thread Taiko no Tatsujin setup help.

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    Woah I didn't know you could buy such a drum for home/diy setups.... The past few weeks we have been studying the I/O requirements for other SYS2X6 games and how to patch certain games to work with common i/o boards, but now Taiko series is even more on…
  • Darksoft -

    Liked aj2k’s post in the thread F-Zero AX Wheel Project.

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    Quote from nem: “I meant the F-Zero wheel tilts up and down. Not sure how you're going to pull that off with the other wheel. ” Oh, I actually have the FZR-2500 wheel - that's the point of the project, to mount this beast in a secure and playable…
  • Darksoft -

    Liked aj2k’s post in the thread F-Zero AX Wheel Project.

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    Confirmed that the Y-axis is handled by a VR in wheel unit itself - so I just need to hook those up to the analog inputs for P1 AD1 on the I/O board, and I should be set! arcade-projects.com/forums/ind…92b9d67410cd7a4fc6ea767a5 So, now how do I mount…
  • nem -

    Replied to the thread F-Zero AX Wheel Project.

    That looks like a standard shaft end from any Model 3 or newer driving game. Easily found in the UK. Try asking on the UKVAC forums.