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CPS2 Multi Help!!



Hello CPS2


System 16B Multi Game Selector



It's coming AES multi - PREORDERS OPEN!!!



Jamma Extension sets with HAS kick harness support



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  • nam9 -

    Liked nnap’s post in the thread Atomiswave no sound after fan replacement.

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    Putting this here for others that might run into the same issue. I have replaced the noisy fan in my Atomiswave with a silent fan. Hooked the 3 wires and there was no sound from the game, just a buzzing sound that sort of sounded like the rpm of the…
  • Pelly -

    Liked oneleaf86’s post in the thread System 16B Multi Game Selector.

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    Quote from Pelly: “Quote from oneleaf86: “Each position on a 16 way rotary dip switch represents every binary combination of a 4 bank dip switch. If you look at a 4 pin bank : : : : the top row of pins are connected to ground. When a switch is on, it…
  • suprawhite -

    Replied to the thread CPS2 Multi Help!!.

    You're in good hands with Darksoft and Mitsurgi-w. I had problems with my Darksoft kit too and they took care of me and it's been running perfectly. Thank you once again. :)
  • suprawhite -

    Liked Darksoft’s post in the thread CPS2 Multi Help!!.

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    #1 which specific romsets are those? #2 there's an alternate firmware for that that uses another point for reset. My advice is that you contact @Mitsurugi-w which is also based in USA and can fix that for you.
  • kl3mousse -

    Posted the thread Hello CPS2.

    Hi I'm from France, just acquired recently a CPS2 Multi (March 2019) to upgrade a converted B board (rev-4) I had for some time. I'm also a big fan of MVS :love: . I've been reading the forums here and there to troubleshoot garbled sound issues for the past…