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Final Blow Taito (F2 System) Sync



X3 official firmware



Parts worth scrounging from a CPS2 A/B board set.



Sega Model2/3 - JAMMA Adapter Thread



Control PCBs are paired to their dongles on a X3?



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  • skate323k137 -

    Liked YourPalCeej’s post in the thread Parts worth scrounging from a CPS2 A/B board set..

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    If you have any of the CRE438.45 IC's near the Jamma edge on A board, I could use one to repair my Marvel VS Capcom. :)
  • GeorgeSpinner -

    Replied to the thread Final Blow Taito (F2 System) Sync.

    Quote from XtraSmiley: “Obviously I meant familiar! I had to adjust a lot of settings. I think it was the game Growl and it looked weird. It's in the HAS thread, but basically didn't look 100% correct on generic settings. The OSSC Pro will hopefully…
  • kikaso -

    Liked RGB’s post in the thread Home Arcade System.

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    Guys I apologize, I know I haven't been active the past few weeks if not months. The new HAS batch is ready, but I need to sort out personal and business related matters first before I'm ready for selling. It's definitely happening this year, and it…
  • lolo-san -

    Liked sk8er000’s post in the thread Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS.

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    As requested from @Derick2k and @AlxUnderBase I'm going to publish here some of my capacitor list. I'll be glad if someone want to contribute just send me the list and I'll add the list (along with the credits), the more we have the better is 8) . I…
  • 300wins -

    Replied to the thread X3 official firmware.

    When you say that all of your cards boot in a fresh windows install... do you mean like in an actual computer and NOT the X3? Because in an actual computer, ALL of the X3 video cards will work perfectly fine. But I've had a few that won't get past the…