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Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun



SEGA IO adapter for Vewlix cabinets



Sega JVS I/O type 3 to Vewlix help questions



Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.



Home Arcade System



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  • Barth0lin0 -

    Replied to the thread Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun.

    Quote from Barth0lin0: “thx for everyone's input. It seems it's not a Taito F2 board issue. It's not a minigun issue either! Everything works and sync on my another PVM (1341) which have an external V-Hold adjustment knob. same cables, same…
  • rewrite -

    Replied to the thread SEGA IO adapter for Vewlix cabinets.

    Quote from Kaede: “Quote from rewrite: “I bought 3 for $120 a while ago. So yeah, 30-40. But when the group buy has brand new Taito ones at 180, that's only $40 from used Sega IO with adapter to getting a proper Taito one. ” 180 for a band new…
  • Niclas -

    Replied to the thread Sega JVS I/O type 3 to Vewlix help questions.

    Quote from Derick2k: “Quote from Niclas: “Just connected the P1 to cn7, the i/o board started to smoke. Shit that didnt work ” because taito io uses 12v and the sega uses 5v, hence why you saw the magic smoke. You need to tap 5v power elsewhere…
  • What was that game that came out recently that had a ton of hype but turned out to be just a technology demo? Ahhh yeah, No Man's Sky. Yeah man, sometimes engineers can lose focus of the user as they are engineering the solution. Working in IT, I see…
  • Jamesaar0n -

    Replied to the thread Home Arcade System.

    just got my HAS today, everything work/plays great, thank you for making this!!!