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Home Arcade System



McWill GBC Replacement LCD



Taito Vewlix monitor replaced with LG 1080P monitor



Jamma Extension sets with HAS kick harness support



Pinned SYS2X6 USB Dongle Rollup Pack



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  • markedkiller78 -

    Liked nem’s post in the thread Brand New Taito Type X+ w U-JVS + Half Life 2.

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    Quote from buffi: “Where the hell does Yaton get all these things from? ” He used to work for the arcade dept of Sega in the early 90s. Probably made a ton of contacts back then. Anyway, arcades are still a thing in Asia, so it's a buyers market…
  • jassin000 -

    Replied to the thread Home Arcade System.

    Quote from darhgo: “I'll try some stuff out but probably stick to the CRT for those odd ones. ” I mean if you already own high quality CRTs (like PVM/BVM's) yes that would be your best option. You know where I miss CRTs the most? Games that quickly…
  • jassin000 -

    Replied to the thread McWill GBC Replacement LCD.

    Quote from Hatsune Mike: “A fix could be to moderately under/overclock the GBC. ” Interesting, would you accomplish this by swapping the crystal with something slightly lower? I know the American Super Gameboy ran at a slightly lower speed than…
  • Derick2k -

    Liked Hatsune Mike’s post in the thread McWill GBC Replacement LCD.

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    I'm late to the party but this screen has pretty bad tearing. It's visible at 0:01. youtube.com/watch?v=im4nyDud2fM I can't recommend this screen kit to anybody, unless you don't mind it. In that case, I can't recommend you anything, because I can't…