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UD-USB Decoders



HELP cps3 kick harness problem



Control panel repair log?


CPS2 Multi Kit Green Screen



Pinned The Definitive Guide to Fixing Your CPS2 Multi Kit



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  • baklakiller -

    Replied to the thread UD-USB Decoders.

    Does anyone here have pics of how they wired up the usb decoder to an arcade cabinet. Thanks
  • ita123 -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread Minigun.

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    Almost ready to wrap this up. Going with two versions, COMPACT & ADVANCED. Both 2 layer PCB's. COMPACT is 110 x 40mm while ADVANCED is 110 x 50mm. COMPACT utilizes a THS7316 with through hole components. Low overall cost, quick & easy to…
  • SabreAZ -

    Replied to the thread HELP cps3 kick harness problem.

    I have a multimeter. Just not sure how to test. I was talking to Undamned, and he was thinking it could be the two surface mount chips that are right next the the kick harness terminal. But he needs to get the board in his hands to check. If it's a…
  • divx18 -

    Wrote a comment on CoolFox’s wall.

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  • deibit -

    Posted the thread Control panel repair log?.

    Everything started when I felt that I wanted an arcade control panel for my suzo Rotterdams (which need a very wide stick hole in a metal control panel) So I bought this: Vp44030.jpg Scrapped the CPO and found this mess of rusty metal, old paint and…