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Choppy/Glitchy Screen Problem


I won Gunslinger Stratos HDD with dongle at auction to view data (music, video, etc.)



How to get games on my Blast City



IREM PCB Dragon Breed M72 no sprites, RAM NG, ROM OK



Candy Cabs. Hoagtech's PLOG.



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  • Carnov -

    Posted the thread Choppy/Glitchy Screen Problem.

    Hello As I tested out the MultiMVS for the first time, the screen seems to be choppy (see attachments) and the left side of the screen seems to be glitching out as well. This problem persisted to the games. I restarted the system and even change slot (I…
  • Mrhide -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread CAVE PGM conversion audio quality.

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    My rev14 PGM has these caps: 6 x 470uF 16V 1 x 100uF 16V 1 x 47uF 16V 5 x 10uF 25V
  • Mrhide -

    Liked GC8TECH’s post in the thread CAVE PGM conversion audio quality.

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    Quote from Mrhide: “The conversions sounds a bit noisy for me too: I lowered the volume of the motherboard and it's better but replacing the caps might be a good idea. Anyone has a list ? ( the day after I've made an order @ greatplains electronic of…