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Pinned CPS III Bios and CD Releases



Namco Exceleena 1 + 2 cabinets.



Sega Model 2/Model 3 Jumper Configurations And Security Board Info



Cotton Reboot (BEEP Japan) new PV for Switch/PS4



Lifting Heavy Monitors Thread



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  • drfunk2k -

    Replied to the thread CPS III Bios and CD Releases.

    DARKSOFT only cause tournament players complain about origin of the game.
  • hardyhell -

    Replied to the thread Namco Exceleena 1 + 2 cabinets..

    Quote from 300wins: “If you ever need a new overlay, Games On Graphics did a nice job printing me up one. The quality is nice and it's just the right amount of thickness. GoG-overlay.jpg ” @300wins you have a link to the guy who made your panel?
  • Darksoft -

    Replied to the thread CPS III Bios and CD Releases.

    Quote from drfunk2k: “How can i find which SH version i am using? ” Open your cart and look at the processor (the biggest chip). If it says CAPCOM, then it's custom. If it says Hitachi, then it's standard. Quote from drfunk2k: “Can all SH…
  • Darksoft -

    Liked twistedsymphony’s post in the thread System 18 multi - 8) Kaboooooom.

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    how did I miss this thread? I've been looking forward to this one. my System 18 is ready
  • BroadwayJose -

    Liked Simon’s post in the thread Capcom ZN-2 Stereo Breakout board.

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    Ordered the wrong sized caps, so I wasn't able to complete these earlier, but I finally got the ones I needed. These work great, I'm really happy with them. I will make some minor edits to the design and publish them and the BOM soon. For those wanting…