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  • The microphone adapter is the same that come with Planet Ring, except you have a wire to the mic and not directly plugged in it. The PCB part is I think the same than in a DC controller (but not full, like in arcade sticks or others).
  • Sadly some of the OG's here felt the need to poke around at, and be snarky towards me a few months ago, and I lost interest in sharing the results. I think I tossed this onto a shelf and stopped caring about it as a result. I'll have to see where it wound up getting buried.

    My personal momentum has been nice as of recently, and the razzing *here* has stopped, so I'll see if I can pick this back up and figure it out soon, and report back @hackcell.

    Sorry! This basically got caught up in some other "drama" for lack of better explanation. Thankful it has subsided.
  • Finisterre wrote:

    I figured I would take one for the team and just buy that Route 66 harness so I could get a closer look at the maple adapter... I got lucky a few days later the Route 66 microphone I'd been searching for magically surfaced in the wild (on eBay also).

    Here are the close up pics of the microphone adapter / harness bits. It is indeed using an off the shelf DreamCast adapter FWIW.

    The next step is identifying what exactly it is plugging into.

    Having looked at a few Naomi1 manuals, I suspect the "840-0023D-02" is just a Naomi2 with a specific region setting. I have an "840-0091D-10" now. (I've since confirmed that my current board is an "OTHERS" region Initial D Naomi per this manual

    Likewise I never noticed that CN7 maple bus has 11 pins, where as CN6 only has 10. I am guessing this connector plugs into CN6 since the diagram shows a 10 pin connector.

    I just went a head and YOLO'd it up, I removed the Microphone Enable and ground from the JAMMA edge (guess this was from a DLX cab vs a Naomi Upright?) and pulled the cable out of the bundle.

    I'll try to connect it to my New Net City control panel pinouts so it can make its way to the JVS IO board.

    I'm guessing the AMP connectors use a familiar pinout even though this is a "driving" cab. Pin 50 should go to GND, and pin 95 to "MIC SW". Once I get it connected and the Mic shows up, I'll check back in.

    Now I'm curios.... were you able to get the 839-1132 board connected to the Naomi CN6?
  • Understood on the standards. I know people mapped out the ADC numbers for a number of games, just not seen that go further to actual connector pinout. I'm acquiring a number of these cabs now, so I will add detail as I can per game.

    Back on topic, Wish me luck! The microphone is here.

    I noticed this in the manual -

    "In Dual Player Mode, in addition to the Voice Recognition system, vocal transmissions are possible between players. As with Single Player Mode, the MIC is operated by speaking into the Receiver while holding down the MIC button. The speaker’s voice is altered, producing a radio-like voice quality with realistic interference, and can be heard from the opponent’s cabinet. The Vocal Communications feature differs from the average CB-Radio transmission in that both parties use the radio communications device; both Players may make transmissions and hear the other through their respective vehicle cabinets."
    • Dj7iZK_W4AA5rIL.jpg

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  • @Mitsurugi-w I can put this detail somewhere else if you want! I'm trying not to pollute your thread with a necro bump on the KoR66 maple microphone. Let me know if you want me to follow up elsewhere.

    Meanwhile, my goal for the weekend is to get the pinout sorted back to the JVS io from the control panel connectors. I don't recall seeing it mapped out for driving cabs elsewhere.

    This is a photo of what I'm looking at in this dusty old thing!