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  • How to convert your Walsdawg/Summitt CF kit to not require a GD Rom cable


    So there is a way you can modify your CF kit if you bought one from me to attach to your DIMM without the need for a cable. It's not pretty but it works. I was unable to find a source for a vertical connector but this works. You need to buy a male SCSI2 connector instead:

    It's not cheap, though.

    Not you need to remove both the female SCSI2 connector installed on the kit now and the 6 pin power connector. It's not difficult is you have a good solder removing tool. Now turn the CF kit pcb over and install the new male connector on the BOTTOM of the pcb. The cable reverses the pinout so by doing this it will allow the kit to be directly pin to pin with the DIMM. Now reinstall the power connector on the bottom as well. Instead of the pins pointing out from the pcb when installed normally, they should point inwards on the pcb like in the picture.