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  • KTD10 -

    Replied to the thread MVH 4 Slot - Green screen and glitching when games load or played.

    Thanks, I ended up cleaning everything out and putting it back together, seems much better now. I'll check the 5V rail next.
  • benime -

    Replied to the thread G-Net System Error 000542.

    System Error 000542 caused by using PCMCIA -> SD adapter. Used a PCMCIA -> CF adapter with CF card instead and it boots games fine now. Just need to sort out the graphic issues.
  • orio1 -

    Liked GC8TECH’s post in the thread PGM single game PCB interest check.

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    Quote from Fluffy: “Selling finished cards officially is difficult, as the ROMs on the char board need to be soldered in if you want to put everything into a cartridge shell, and with 7 large EPROMs that is almost the majority of work. Of course,…
  • ekorz -

    Replied to the thread Fighter Impact convert to ver.A.

    Quote from chacal231077: “Hi! I have saved the 2 original eprom.they have a timing of 100ns. they are in the erasure phase, it is long .as soon as it's finished in 40 minutes. I inform if it's ok or shit lol ” so you used the original chips but…
  • rewrite -

    Liked ack’s post in the thread MVH 4 Slot - Green screen and glitching when games load or played.

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    I would start with cleaning your cart slots and carts. Having to reinsert carts to get sound/graphics fully working is an indication they are dirty. This can also lead to the crashes you have been seeing. You may also want to verify your 5V rail is 5V…
  • harih -

    Replied to the thread [SOLVED] Vewlix Amp picking up JVS data noise.

    Solution found! The part is just an audio ground loop noise isolator. By adding it in-line between my laptop and the amp, the JVS data noise is no longer picked up and the speakers stay silent even when the amp is all the way up. It also works in your…
  • skate323k137 -

    Liked djsheep’s post in the thread [Blazing Star] Stage Select and minor tweaks.

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    If the “BONUS” audio was removed it would feel so weird playing the game...