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  • zionfarm -

    Liked chacal231077’s post in the thread ST-V Stereo Audio + Kick PCB (EVERTEN).

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    Hi! Thank You EVERTEN :thumbup: 20200709-135139.jpg
  • Pelly -

    Liked djsheep’s post in the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

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    First post updated with a directory of services offered by members. I polled this information from intro posts in this thread. If anyone wants to be added (or removed) in any of the sections, please let me know, it's helpful to know who is offering help…
  • loegan43 -

    Liked rewrite’s post in the thread EPROM Eraser alternatives?.

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    Quote from skate323k137: “I have had good luck with my cheapo chinese eraser. I clean the chip windows with IPA first, and give it a good 20 mins. Almost always works, but I'll still probably upgrade some day. ” I've had great luck with them too. …
  • Raph_friend -

    Replied to the thread Testing the infamous CPS-A-01 (CPS1 A-board custom chip).

    Quote from Notsuoh: “Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from Frank_fjs: “So you have a known working A board in which you've installed a socket, drop in the suspected chip and verify it straight away. ” Exactly that.Quote from Frank_fjs: “Only…
  • tonyt76 -

    Replied to the thread Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix.

    Quote from jassin000: “@Coyo5050 My L-AMI is also ready (Diamond done/swapped, Capcom stock Taito parts only). :D GykKz9V.jpg ” Love your cabs!
  • KalessinDB -

    Replied to the thread Taito F3 Stereo Audio PCB.

    Oh damn. Sold off my STV from disuse, but I'm still loving my F3. Following with interest.
  • KalessinDB -

    Liked everten’s post in the thread Taito F3 Stereo Audio PCB.

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    I'm starting to design a board to add stereo RCA connectors to the Taito F3. Similar to the ST-V board here. I realize the audio will need to be attenuated if I tap the S connector. However, this is new territory for me. I'm trying to learn the…