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  • brad808 -

    Replied to the thread Replacing crt.

    One big problem with CRT sizing is that people (*cough old people and Americans) keep trying to identify them as being in inches when most are manufactured in centimeters. That's why you should really go off the label directly on the tube in order to…
  • Fluffy -

    Replied to the thread Any PGM Conversion info out there?.

    Difficult to say without knowing exactly what is wrong. I expect if the DIP one was broken you would see crashes and more problems with level layout. The SMD one is only tile and font data, and the CPU doesn't have access at all (AFAIK), so it will just…
  • AlxUnderBase -

    Liked rsignal’s post in the thread Schmitt trigger buffer for CSYNC and Neo Geo MVS compatibility.

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    ISL59885 application circuit proposed in the datasheet uses a 100nF decoupling capacitor for AC-Coupled input. Check out pages 12 and 13 (PDF):