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  • djsheep -

    Liked doozer’s post in the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

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    I purchased my Transformers Human Alliance from them. They were good to deal with. They even gave me a hand loading it onto my trailer with a forklift. The guy took his time making sure it wasn’t going to cause any damage. This was at the Gold Coast…
  • Catoblepa -

    Replied to the thread Problem with all my Data East PCBs (loud beeping sound).

    Quote from Trol: “Try the pcb's in a standard jamma cab if you have the means. I read this supergun has some kind of audio attenuator, that could be the problem. Had kind of the same problem in my jamma cab... burning hot amplifiers and strange…
  • yosai -

    Liked kratt’s post in the thread Possible to convert Seibu SPI games?.

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    I tried converting from senkyu(Battle balls) 3 of OBJ Files uses by MX29L3211 with 3.3v regulator. Program files uses 27c4001/27c040 and 27c1024, 27c512. 1. OBJ and Program files are fine. pinout is JEDEC standard. 2. But, Background and sound is…
  • kof9xddt -

    Replied to the thread Naomi2 I/O issue(but in test mode ok).

    This issue solved.