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  • xodaraP -

    Liked AlxUnderBase’s post in the thread Finally, multi System 16B (Sega).

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    Quote from segasonic91: “I am waaay down the list for the V1, but just wondering which board is needed for this? Will any board work because only the mother is needed? Am I correct there? ” yes ... you need a S16 B Motherboard with non encrypted 68000
  • mathewbeall -

    Replied to the thread UMK3 Top & Bottom Plates From Lions3.

    I ordered a set - easy to get setup, fully protects the board... love it!
  • ricard2798 -

    Posted the thread Noob with question on Memory Card preparation.

    So I just got my Darksoft MVS cart, and I am ready to put my neogeo Minito good use, but where can i find a document or video on how to prepare my sd card? From what i read, there must be a game folder, and maybe a firmware folder... but again, I am not…
  • rewrite -

    Replied to the thread Blind MS8-29.

    I would be looking at the connectors on the chassis/neckboard/yoke rather than the ones on the JAMMA harness or PSU. You should have a connector that goes into the chassis from the JAMMA harness. You should have 1 or 2 from the yoke to the chassis. …
  • sammargh -

    Replied to the thread Bloody Roar 2 - identify board.

    @Hammy which chip(s) were bad on yours? I got one of these bootlegs and it worked for ~5 minutes before it stopped working. Just dumped u15 off mine and it's nothing but FF so I'm guessing as it had no tape over the windows my eproms are toast. Will get…
  • LHantz -

    Liked Apocalypse’s post in the thread Irem M72 multi kit installation & support.

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    Quote from tym01: “I am using a Tl 866 mini pro 2 with an extension for the bigger than 512ko eproms so i must program 8 times for one 27c322 :S ” People often get lost while changing the bank to be written with the TL866. To me the EPROMs are…
  • adgenet -

    Replied to the thread What is this jumper wire on my A board?.

    Found this, but no other information anywhere on the internet it seems. I wonder why this is only documented in passing in a single forum post and nowhere else. Seems like important info to have. Quote from …
  • Kyotaro -

    Replied to the thread Blind MS8-29.

    Good call on checking on the connection I found one loose connection. Thought it was just connecting somewhere in the cp but the wiring just loops around and dangle out. Followed the blue wire that it is connected to the pink wire all the way to the…