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  • Niko -

    Replied to the thread problème taito type 2X.

    Assuming you're running my multigame. Hold P1 Start button down while turning on the X2. Keep it held down during the boot process and it will boot back to the menu and you can disable autoboot. I no longer support Deathsmiles since it's not a Taito…
  • xtrasmiley -

    Replied to the thread IGS PGM Cart PCB Scans.

    Awesome man, thanks so much for doing that! I look forward to trying them in MAME!
  • xtrasmiley -

    Liked GC8TECH’s post in the thread IGS PGM Cart PCB Scans.

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    Huge update on "Hacked PGM Carts" I have done alot of work today on hack carts..... I submitted dumps of the program roms to the Mame team.. as there not in mame at the moment.... I beleve the following is true.... ALL HACK carts run a PLD (seams to…
  • penrhos -

    Replied to the thread best place to buy x2.

    Same here - I bought four TTX2's from YAJ two worked fine, the other two had faulty videocards (so I used a stock 7900GS and flashed it with the Taito bios). I'd sell you one but shipping from the UK->US would be expensive. I have noticed a lot of…