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  • frsj8112 -

    Replied to the thread Sega Mini Cab Conversions.

    Glad to see you're back into arcading again FrancoB, you've been missed :)
  • Mitsurugi-w -

    Replied to the thread Important (maybe) Announcement about Mitsu.

    Quote from acblunden2: “What's the word @Mitsurugi-w? I see your profile shows you are back in North Carolina and you mentioned you aren't in the restaurant business any more. Are your restaurants autonomous now or did you decide to sell off the…
  • Apocalypse -

    Replied to the thread Irem M84 Conversions.

    Quote from acblunden2: “ I'l order the EPROM's and follow this conversion guide for my Hammerin' Harry board and let you know how it goes. ” I've never done this conversion but I've always wondered why there was wire patching involved. Isn't it…
  • MinkeyB -

    Replied to the thread Graphics issues with a SFII: CE board.

    Finally got a chance to test all the ROMs and they all came back fine. So probably an A board issue then?
  • brentradio -

    Replied to the thread Those of you with 512MB and 1GB DIMM boards....

    Quote from vendest: “Nice thread however none of these 2 matching Samsung M366S3323CT0-C7A worked with my NetDIMM. Getting black screen with either one inserted :( ” When you say "either one inserted" do you mean you are only putting one in at a…
  • brentradio -

    Liked xodaraP’s post in the thread The Top 5 Best Neo-Geo Games!.

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    Quote from brentradio: “My Top 5 Neo Geo carts... 1. Darksoft Neo Geo Multi 2. Darksoft Neo Geo Multi 3. Darksoft Neo Geo Multi 4. Darksoft Neo Geo Multi 5. Cyber Lip :D ” Where did you get 4 Darksoft multi carts from? Stop hogging them all :(
  • Darksoft -

    Replied to the thread Any possibility of purchasing a replacement LCD?.

    I think I have 1 or 2 left at home. I could eventually send you one. PM for more info. Thanks!
  • kuze -

    Liked FrancoB’s post in the thread Sega Mini Cab Conversions.

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    A loooong while ago, circa 2013, I started to convert some Sega Love and Berry and Dinoking cabs. I had to put the project on hold for a few years for various reasons but I'm really happy to say I've just started to get back to work on them :) I figured…