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  • nem -

    Liked Mitsurugi-w’s post in the thread System 18 multi - 8) Kaboooooom.

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    Quote from rewrong: “Wheres the list thread to sign up? I'll take one. ” No list here. We will do the list thread closer to launch to not have the same issues we are having with S16 and unresponsive members who no longer visit regularly.
  • Hypnotoad -

    Replied to the thread Cannot access darksoft menu+ error 41.

    Cheers bud, no darksoft text at all, I’ve sent back the cart and got money back. I’ve sent a donor cart to darksoft to get bios, hopefully this will sort issue out. The writing of the game was not an issue I had no trouble till it hit 100% then got…
  • GuileWinQuote -

    Replied to the thread Getting Error 01 on Akatsuki Denkou Senki Cart.

    There have been quite a few Akatsuki Blitzkampf carts popping up from Chinese sellers on Facebook etc for prices that are a steal for this particular game. We probably both bought our carts from similar sellers (I think I saw this particular cart on…
  • atrac17 -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread Open Source USB to DB15 for Supergun adapter.

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    [0.13.5] - 2020-09-18 - Added support for Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 - Added support for 8BitDo NES & SNES Bluetooth wireless receivers. Compatible with PS4 DS4, Nintendo Switch Pro and 8BitDo M30 controllers (possibly others but need to test).
  • XeD -

    Replied to the thread Cannot access darksoft menu+ error 41.

    That is strange. Either your siperbios cart is old/has problem or you have input issue. When you turn on the cps3 do you see the darksoft text in the bottom right before it try to write 2nd Impact?
  • rewrite -

    Liked doozer’s post in the thread Lindbergh VBIOS Update DVD.

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    Ok, so a bit of an update on this. I got hold of a VBIOS Update disk for VTF (Virtua Fighter 5) and what I thought was the correct keychip. I then mounted the cdrom and decoded the bootid. Turns out there are 2 updates on this disk: Source Code (29…
  • Escarioth -

    Replied to the thread Escarioth's Aluminum Cases.

    Almost everyone has paid up :) (still no words from @trmm .) If by monday i get every payments, im starting this up next week. if i wait too much it might get longer to have them done.