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  • nem -

    Replied to the thread Pandora Box 6 controllers issue when in Jamma cabinet.

    If you plug a CHAMMA board in to JAMMA wired cab, the only thing that will happen is that the 6th button inputs for both players will be set to a constant ON state (since the inputs are grounded). Nothing more.
  • KalessinDB -

    Liked Escarioth’s post in the thread Escarioth's Aluminum Cases.

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    for those ordering up, i'll tag a small thing i made for fun. It's free~ and might not be included on other pre-orders i try to make something new each time but i'll end up with a few extras just in case and give them up to other TMNT or konami cases in…
  • gmayer -

    Wrote a comment on Mitsurugi-w’s wall.

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    Hello, I saw a old post on the KLOV message board that you have replace the bad sound chip on the konami x-men board. Was checking to see if you still offer this service? Thanks
  • Hatsune Mike -

    Replied to the thread Donpachi Sound issue on supergun.

    No, they aren't even remotely similar. Dangun uses the YMZ280 for ADPCM playback. DonPachi has a shitty budget sound section that only has two OKIs for ADPCM playback, and the NMK IC is responsible for banking the OKI ROMs. I live in San Jose, and could…
  • Hatsune Mike -

    Replied to the thread Nanao MS-2931.

    The flyback didn't fix my 2931, but it's not any worse either. I expect my original flyback is fine.
  • Hatsune Mike -

    Replied to the thread got an hv probe- check those nanao/ tosh flybacks.

    Generally HV protect is to prevent HV being too high, not too low, I think. I would expect the only consequence to be a slightly dimmer image and it being too wide.
  • rtw -

    Liked nem’s post in the thread F3 Artset / instructions card / flyers / manuals, central scan topic.

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    I have a bunch of original artwork as well. Would be happy to contribute.