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  • bytestorm -

    Replied to the thread Possible to convert Seibu SPI games?.

    Hmm are they 538100 mroms? I thought I read 538000 in the driver. Did you check the silk in the pcb after removing the originals?
  • Braintrash -

    Replied to the thread Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun.

    EU REP: Braintrash ---------------------------------------- EU LIST: AMS US REP: mathewbeall ---------------------------------------- US LIST: mathewbeall Cereth dannahan DarthMig 300wins statix138
  • nam9 -

    Liked bartre’s post in the thread Atomiswave fan replacement.

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    hey all- The fan on my Atomiswave is good and noisy. I know there fan is a 3 pin 40mm X 10mm fan, but I can't find a replacement that's drop in. Anyone know where I can get a drop in replacement? Or am I stuck soldering the 3 wires?