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  • ekorz -

    Replied to the thread Conversion of single layer Taito Cup Finals PCB to something else?.

    While i wish I could help I didn’t even realize f3 had single board revisions. That said your photo above is of your football champ board! MAME only seems to have one pcb listed in the driver, different part but it might be similar enough, for…
  • Hammy -

    Replied to the thread Namco NA1 & NA2 CONVERSIONS.

    If you can desolder the keycus without damaging try without that. I can swap for another board or swap keycus' if you like, my guess is this keycus has an extra trick like point blank / tinkle pit do. @twistedsymphony reported issues with a quiz board…
  • hemvlett -

    Replied to the thread Namco NA1 & NA2 CONVERSIONS.

    Post…287fdfc076f49b82fb5e1b54a Here are my 2 Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou rom boards. Both are working fine with original Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou rom set installed. Both are stuck in self test if i try your hacked rom sets…
  • PascalP -

    Liked Joe’s post in the thread New Net City - JAMMA speaker wiring (help).

    Like (Post)
    Quote from PascalP: “Another thing to consider is that you need to wire the speakers in series (2x 4ohm = 8ohm). If you wire them in parallel it would equal 2 ohms which is not good for your Jamma board’s amp! so it would consider a significant…