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  • Bonky -

    Replied to the thread Rabio Lepus Help.

    Generaly, one for music and the other for sample.
  • nem -

    Replied to the thread Display issue on slot MVS MV 1F on NNC.

    Yeah, it's an issue with sync. If you alter the sync you could get rid of it. Not worth it IMO.
  • the Goat -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread Jamma Extension sets with HAS kick harness support.

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    I think it would be better to install the fan and power it directly from the CPS board.
  • Darksoft -

    Liked msx33’s post in the thread Hi there.

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    Thank you all for your welcome. :)
  • the Goat -

    Liked undamned’s post in the thread UD-USB Decoders.

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    DB15 decoders are still in transit from the assembler to me (I don't expect holiday shipping to be very speedy). I will announce when I have received, tested, and put them in their plastic housings. When they are ready, US buyers can buy from Paradise…
  • buddorz -

    Replied to the thread UD-USB Decoders.

    I still haven't gotten my XBONE controllers to work, but they're the newer variant that supports bluetooth as well, I'm pretty sure.
  • For 360 you will need Akishop PS360+ adapters (which will also handle PS and Saturn). If you’re not using 360 you can use the Brook Retro board or the EZ MC Cthulhu board that @Arthrimus makes (which you need to source a MC Cthulhu chip for). For each…