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  • xodaraP -

    Replied to the thread Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread.

    Quote from xb74: “If I am using regular neo sticks and/or USB sticks via the UD converter, do I need voltage lines added? ” Quote from Frank_fjs: “Neo CD pads need +5V, the others don't. ” A UD-USB will need +5 to work
  • mathewbeall -

    Replied to the thread Hello From SoCal.

    Almost all Naomi cartridges will work - unless its for a driving game. You have a 6 button control panel - so you can play almost all of the naomi games - except for driving, and a few weird ones that require different controls. Matt
  • caius -

    Replied to the thread Mobo missing components..

    The 'CRE438-65' is likely a custom resistor array used for inputs handling.I don't know if it's used on other Capcom hardware, it could be present under different part's very easy to reproduce it (like I did for many other similar components), I…
  • Trol -

    Replied to the thread Kaneko supernova region problem..

    Probably working fine, I did exactly the same with an asian mobo and cart. The board played japanese and euro carts fine.
  • Frank_fjs -

    Replied to the thread SNES to Neo-Geo controller adapters.

    I think it's due to the reset line of the Atmega being present on the DB15. It's there for programming the Atmega. It's not an issue on the MVS however it seems to cause an issue on the AES.
  • Pap -

    Liked the Goat’s post in the thread Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun.

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    Quote from Pap: “sorry im also quite fresh here, so the minigun is not outputing audio on the din8/din9? ” Minigun outputs audio on the mini din 8/9 as long as there is nothing plugged into the 1/8 inch audio jack.
  • Lemony Vengeance -

    Liked Darksoft’s post in the thread Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production.

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    Quote from rewrite: “Quote from Darksoft: “I'm discussing about the permaban with other admins. ” The fact that this even has to be discussed is disappointing, and not something that I expected out of this forum. It's clearly against the rules,…