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  • tym01 -

    Replied to the thread Irem M72 multi kit installation & support.

    Ok i will try burning each rom again to see if can get any improvement... Thanks for your advice i ordered a cheap eprom programmer plus cheap eproms from china so... could be my problem ;) Thanks for all the help!
  • tym01 -

    Liked Yippikaye’s post in the thread Irem M72 multi kit installation & support.

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    Quote from tym01: “I have done all this and still have graphic glitches, i restored the pcb to its original state and it is working perfect, i purchased the eprom programmer for this project so it is my first attempt to burn eproms, i maybe have some…
  • segasonic91 -

    Replied to the thread Finally, multi System 16B (Sega).

    I am waaay down the list for the V1, but just wondering which board is needed for this? Will any board work because only the mother is needed? Am I correct there?