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  • JuS7Chris -

    Wrote a comment on arcadefanatic56’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    You interested you ask me first I waiting on you
  • Artee023 -

    Liked Cereth’s post in the thread Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production.

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    I've been insanely busy all week, sorry I haven't been too talkative or involved. I'm trying slowly to move forward with the monitor deal. There will be 50 ordered, probably something like 35-40 available initially. This is to provide enough of a…
  • Hadouken Arcade -

    Replied to the thread Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix.

    Quote from tonyt76: “@Hadouken Arcade can we buy just the 100x100 vesa mount? ” Yes, the second batch will have 100 x 100 option. For now, I'll have to manually message people which vesa they want since I didn't put in account I'll be creating a 100 x…
  • ack -

    Replied to the thread Brezzasoft Crystal System conversions.

    Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from TheDeath: “That's exactly what i changed, all 3 of them with brand new parts, i had the same problem before and after. There's no leakage, at all, nowhere. I just think that the Vzero is coocked somehow, find a…