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  • nem -

    Liked YaYaLanD’s post in the thread [solved] Trying to repair a SONY PVM 9042QM.

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    Repair done. The filtering capacitor was dead. This was causing the electron beam to wiggle as seen in the pictures. i did a full recap.
  • nem -

    Liked YaYaLanD’s post in the thread [WIP 20%] 9” CRT Screen in Bartop cabinet Yoko & Tate.

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    Here are the PVM, bought for 60€ (30 each) as broken, the first one was displaying only black and white and the second one had a wobbling image because of a bad filtering capacitor. 8d840010.jpg After reparing the screens, the first tests with the…
  • badbui -

    Wrote a comment on theoddtech’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Hey mate I love the cases you built off the hammond enclosures was wondering if you had any side profile pics
    I'm worried the 10 deg slope is too much.
    How do you find it?