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  • PascalP -

    Replied to the thread Taito type x zero nesica games.

    Not sure on the 'Zero' unit, I thought it was only intended as a satellite unit and not run games on itself. But perhaps this info can help a bit;…?thread/7158-type-x-zero/
  • hardyhell -

    Liked Frank_fjs’s post in the thread SEGA System 16 Multi LCD games selector.

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    Slight update. Everything is on track to begin despatching the first small lot of units from 9th April onwards. Received some sample remotes and they've turned out to be great. I've programmed them to the OSSC codes so both remotes will work out of the…
  • Hatsune Mike -

    Replied to the thread NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution.

    Ah yeah, the box and instruction stuff was imagined after a good amount had already gone out. I think there were plans to put up the PDF somewhere, but I don't remember (I'll have a look). FWIW, that minor LPF is one feature I'm dropping from the new…
  • AlxUnderBase -

    Liked ekorz’s post in the thread Burning roms for Model 2/3 pcbs.

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    Quote from twistedsymphony: “…d3d529310cfc2e7f42c7e04eb "on disk" is the size of the ROM file as it would be reported by windows "in MAME" is the size of the ROM file as reported within MAME source EPROMs within the same…
  • AMS -

    Posted the thread Taito type x zero nesica games.

    I have A brand new type x zero nesica mobo what games can I play with these and where to get the games. you need a HDD as I can see and I think sec pic can I run offline? and where can I get the software plus security thing thx
  • jimmyjames -

    Replied to the thread Blast and Astro city projects.

    so I started messing with the astro today and noticed this NhhpEht.jpg needles to say I’m not sure what could have caused this but it bugged me. I have a ms8-29fak I’ve been messing with. I grabbed it off of eBay as I didn’t get one with the cab.…