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  • remvel -

    Liked Psyko-M1’s post in the thread Irem M92 Major Title 2 to In the Hunt Conversion HALP.

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    Quote from Apocalypse: “Please check: IC26 => C0 IC25 => C1 IC24 => C2 IC23 => C3 IC34 => 000 IC35 => 010 IC36 => 020 IC37 => 030 ” These are correct now. I had IC34-37 reversed. Flipping jumper J15 back to 512 gets me a "H1 L1 NG" After digging…
  • Apocalypse -

    Replied to the thread Brezzasoft Crystal System conversions.

    Quote from TheDeath: “That's exactly what i changed, all 3 of them with brand new parts, i had the same problem before and after. There's no leakage, at all, nowhere. I just think that the Vzero is coocked somehow, find a replace for it is almost…
  • djsheep -

    Liked Hammy’s post in the thread Capcom ZN Conversion/Multi Interest Thread.

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    Quote from twistedsymphony: “Yes I have a complete collection of Capcom ZN1 and ZN2 games... Aside from the Jumpers what do you need? ” Sounds like you need a "mod bios" board to do some testing ;) If you want to try the tetris pal, that would be…
  • Rotanibor -

    Replied to the thread InfiniKey-CPS2.

    @undamned So, I'm trying to remove an InfiniKey (Mobo Rev.7 install) for a Darksoft CPS2 install, but try as I might I straight up can't remove the thing. How far do I have to go to fully disable the InfiniKey so a Darksoft CPS2 install will work? I…