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  • I wanted to reuse the existing case in every vewlix but that’ll only cause headaches and more revision updates which will increase cost eventually. Instead, I’m making the case as part of the assembly kit. I have to manufacture a case for FC anyway…
  • Kavas -

    Replied to the thread Hodge Podge Chewlix.

    Welcome to the club. The journey is never ending for these machines, especially if you plan to make it a mame cabinet. You will be upgrading and tinkering with it far more than playing on it. Heck just today I got the panels for the aux buttons. From…
  • Kavas -

    Liked yiggs’s post in the thread Hodge Podge Chewlix.

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    Been eyeing a Chewlix for ages, finally pulled the trigger September 2019. Came hassle free from Potech (alibaba, Guangdong) to my door via Shipporter in late November (thanks for the recommendation MrCeasar). Arrived with some brackets banged up, but…
  • jbrlll -

    Replied to the thread This place is Awesome..

    Quote from PascalP: “Wow, some great stuff you got there :thumbsup: Ow and please share some pics of your pinballs, sure lots of people love it! ” @PascalP I’ve redone two pins so far. A 2003 Stern simpsons pinball party and a 1993 Gottleib Mario Bro’s. So…
  • Thrillhouse -

    Replied to the thread InfiniKey-CPS2.

    Neato - I'll get back to you shortly, UD via PM. I definitely want 10, I'll see if xtrasmiley wants any as well for a mini STL group-buy.