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  • EYEDOL -

    Replied to the thread Tekken 7 FR - How to link?.

    This is the i/o I use!! Version B
  • Chron -

    Now follows clam_wattson.

  • kikaso -

    Liked sk8er000’s post in the thread Finally, multi System 16B (Sega).

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    I don't find any problem with the dip switch method. The 16b has quite a lot of games that's right but I'll be ok with dip switches too. From the other hand SD + LCD seems a pretty interesting solution but restart everything from scratch is quite time…
  • Mattroid -

    Replied to the thread NGPC Flashcarts and MODS.

    Thanks for all the info. Definitely helpful. Quote from winteriscoming: “ Note that the clear casing is a foggy clear. I don't have a stock clear ngpc to compare against, but my impression of those is that they're more transparent. ” Depends on the…
  • AlxUnderBase -

    Replied to the thread Taito F3 Motherboard Graphics Issues.

    Could be an faulty ram... check this , if it act like there, check the rams and see what ram burn your finger