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  • ArcSys101 -

    Liked xodaraP’s post in the thread The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions.

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    A lot of people have been asking me recently how to make CPS2 conversions. This information is out there, but it does need to be put together. I have asked the mod team and they have given me the go ahead, so here it is DISCLAIMER: IF YOU BREAK YOUR
  • twistedsymphony -

    Replied to the thread Brand New Taito Type X+ w U-JVS + Half Life 2.

    Quote from JoeAwesome: “What are some typical prices to expect for Tx1, Tx2, and Tx3 motherboards? ” That' all depends on where they're located. they're pretty inexpensive on Yahoo Auctions. X3s and X4s are really common right now; there are dozens…
  • ArcSys101 -

    Replied to the thread Hello everybody.