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  • CoolFox -

    Replied to the thread ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing.

    Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from ekorz: “How long does that ode take to boot? What if you power it up first, separately, and then turn on the 2x6? ” I'm already powering it separately over USB since the molex connector is blocked by the…
  • Judgmentt -

    Replied to the thread Lines in Foreground Sprites.

    -The fan is running, it isn't the stock fan but a suitable replacement - A&B Boards are firmly mated -5V is good according to my supergun RE: Sega 16 Altered Beast Thread: That thread refers to a faulty rom chip but those chips aren't on the board…
  • lol.. I know that PAL sucks but what you are saying don't match - again - my experiences. My PAL RGB cable is a custom-made with a LM 1881 Circuit that strips c-sync out of C-Video, like you said. There is no problem at all with my OSSC. The picture is…
  • KalessinDB -

    Liked twistedsymphony’s post in the thread ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing.

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    Quote from randomdoohickey: “Any technical reason these need a custom IDE to flash adapter instead of any number that are readily available? ” It's not an IDE to flash it's ATAPI to flash; it needs to support ATAPI commands. I'm not aware of any…
  • Stupid Dufus -

    Posted the thread CPS2 no sound, only boots rarely.

    First off, sorry if this is not the form to post under. I didn't see a general support forum for CPS2 outside of the multigame one. If there is a better location, can you please move it? I picked up a Japanese CPS2 A+B set (Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers'…