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  • AMS -

    Posted the thread Taito type x zero nesica games.

    I have A brand new type x zero nesica mobo what games can I play with these and where to get the games. you need a HDD with sec pic that I know but can I run offline? thx
  • jimmyjames -

    Replied to the thread Blast and Astro city projects.

    so I started messing with the astro today and noticed this NhhpEht.jpg needles to say I’m not sure what could have caused this but it bugged me. I have a ms8-29fak I’ve been messing with. I grabbed it off of eBay as I didn’t get one with the cab.…
  • rocket -

    Replied to the thread Initial d6 linking.

    gateway likely will work. the gateway should be same address as the ip of the router. I assume the ip of your router is the problem you have there is, the gateway ip cant be the same as the ip of cab 1