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  • Quote from PascalP: “Damn, last week the site was down and all sold in a few minutes. Now it is live for over 6 hours and still some left. Hope they get it all produced in a fair timeframe with all this Coronavirus stuff going on... ” Yeah ... they goes on sale from 2 sources ... -one is from citrus3000psi ( - Out of Stock -one is from Daniel Kraak - Still have on stock

  • For EU customers and not only ... 329 units left : GC Loader Round 2 Pre-Order Batch . If you didn't get it last week , can be a good chance this time Round 2 Orders : have an estimated ship date of May 2020

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “Quote from twistedsymphony: “If you want to try adding the rest of the sounds, try concatenating u7+u6 from the original Dyna Gear set and then burning the resulting file to a 27c160 and installing in the SND1 location. ” I just tried it and it worked perfectly - now all my audio sounds just like MAME. ” Sir,how you made 2 files to result one to be writen then on a 27c160? Thank you

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  • I've searched for a picture of sub board yesterday afternon of Super Real Mahjong P7 . no success until now . since in Mame nobody knows what she looks or what number she have writed on . anyway, as always, i love twistedsymphony's notes and posts . learn alot and i'm just curious why others don't want to learn starting reading.but,who i am to put this question to judge peoples

  • For European customers ... 18 left : - was sold them in 3 minutes after my initial post Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “BOOM! 1 for me and 1 for @PascalP ” Congrats @Sp33dFr34k

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I'm happy to burn eproms for a anyone who needs it. I'm based in Australia. Pretty sure @xodaraP, @oneleaf86 and @djsheep could help too for fellow Aussies. No cost outside of postage. ” Quote from djsheep: “Yep, anyone who needs a hand, I’m down to help. ” Me too fellas ... if you are in any part of Europe and need a programmer for your roms for this project and you don't have it in hands, i'll be glad to help with eeproms writes

  • Before you start reccaping (capacitors replacement) your NA1 board ... make a list with what capacitors values you have on it and check these tutorials if match with your needs : Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 - this is writed and described in japanese language.

  • For NB-1 - recap we must follow this lead

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Quote from AlxUnderBase: “xtrasmiley ... Hey, Mo ... if you didn't find yet a board for this purpose. i paid 130$ for my board + shipping + customs . i don't know how what i posted here will goes,but i don't think goes that higher (the price i paid for Cosmo Gang) here you go : - - ” Thank you, price is good, but the sound section looks bad... do the work? ” maybe deserve a rec…

  • xtrasmiley ... Hey, Mo ... if you didn't find yet a board for this purpose. i paid 130$ for my board + shipping + customs . i don't know how what i posted here will goes,but i don't think goes that higher (the price i paid for Cosmo Gang) here you go : - -

  • Quote from brentradio: “What do I need to do to get this installed? ” in fact ... all you have to do is to contact Mitsurugi-w for GAL (gal must be replaced on the multi board) and MCU (MCU must be replaced on M72 motherboard) ... move the jumper 3 from A to B , erase the eeproms from your actual black V2 multi kit : 1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10 - m27c322 & write them with correct files from V4.1 package + eeprom no.6 - m27c160 from the same package) anyway sir, in my post i've mentioned what steps i follow…

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    Quote from RandomRetro: “Looks slick. Definitely like the caps. @Frank_fjs do you have the list of caps handy? Lazy to look them up I would like to do similar caps for one of my PGM boards. ” Hello ! Look for the general purpose red Wurth Electronics capacitors on digikey or mouser Here are the capacitors list map for rev.14 motherboard Cheers

  • Updated last night using my Top3000 programmer, my black V2 kit, to play Pound for Pound with it Thank you Mitsu for GAL & MCU chips

  • Quote from hardyhell: “Hy. My m72 seems to have at C26 100uf 16v instead the 47uf 16v noted in the document. Can anyone confirm? Or check if it’s wrong in the doc or just variation ” i can confirm too . mine have the same elna green capacitor ... the value of C26 on my board is : 100uf 16V . i checked now during the M72 update to the latest version . i replaced the Gal & MCU and i take a look on C26 and i can confirm there is 100uf / 16v 105celsius degrees

  • Quote from sk8er000: “Added: - Irem M107 (thanks to @AlxUnderBase) - Tengai PCB (SH404) - Sengoku Blade (thanks to @nassekova ) ” about Irem M107, i can't say i'm responsable for because i just adapted System11's notes with the links of capacitors i've purcahsed and tried on my M107 board. Of course,the results are awesome and the M107 board is running without any issue

  • Quote from Rg111: “Quote from zeruel85: “@Mitsurugi-w is it possible for us to know how much difference in price between the two options? I mean with and without the EPROMs. Thanks! ” It's an extra $20 with Eeproms included. ” 20$ / 15chips = 1.33$ per chip ? if so, the price of the multi it's great. in any rate tym01, you can try to reach on Derick2k and check if he have some left.

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    Quote from Brendle: “EDIT - I found a different thread here saying the HAS may be available in Feb on a webshop, so I will look out for that. But I'll leave my old mssg here in case anyone can help regarding the other stuff. ” Check this Quote from St4rwalker: “What shop is the the HAS available from?? Do we have any exact date? I am impatient AF right now. Thank you. ” Check this in any rate...for sure a new batch will be available on the shop directly...i don't think will be another pre-order …