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  • I am really enjoying watching your restore thread. Your ability to detect monitor faults is inspiring.

  • And for that matter why does this project have to be so complicated? maxresdefault.jpg

  • Every solution for this repair is on me. iemzqs5c4xv31.png

  • 1. I agree they should not have been left open, but it was an act of god that the one place that decided to leak in the warehouse would be over the STV. It is literally the only leak in the 23,000 sq. ft building and it happened after a storm. I need the PCB's here for the cabs. They are getting a sealed shelving storage system after this happened. Thanks for the other cleaning tips as well. I have so far removed the battery and socketed chips. I am going to scrub the sockets and remaining solde…

  • Quote from jermz1: “im down for a foot rest! mine are in pretty bad shape. ” added

  • Thanks for the kind words guys. A little update on the foot rests. Here is one of my butt ugly footrests to reference the color, rib width and treads on the Aero. CE879-D3-D-EC30-4769-98-BE-EFF68464-B597.jpg My son saw them in my truck, held them up and said: "What are these dad? Eww their gross looking.." so it's a verified problem. Originally I was going to find something close and cut it to size. I found a wide ribbed material but they didn't stock it in grey so I ordered a pt. of rubber Mari…

  • The storm blew a roof panel off my warehouse and decided to leak all over my STV Multi. I have ISO propyl and it is still wet Is there a safe way to clean this and should I dry it out first or after an ISO cleaning? Right now its sitting on a chair with the heater nearby. 73-B61001-8-D93-4-A02-9-BC5-3-A5-A01-B5-E779.jpg

  • That looks amazing. I PO'd. Thanks for the free shipping btw. Now I need a real gdemu instead of these crafty looking "Little Princess" cardboard boxes.

  • Home Arcade System

    hoagtech - - RGB's lab


    Quote from telecommand: “Just preparing my PSU for the HAS arrival... Can someone please confirm if I have this right? I live in NZ so I think these colours are correct... Terrified I've got it wrong and I'm gonna blow the thing up! I worked it out as: Green/yellow = Earth (E) Brown = Active/Phase/Live (A/P/L) Blue = Neutral (N) Related question: can I switch it on as it is now (checking for a green light) to confirm it's wired up correctly? Or do you have to have the other terminals connected t…

  • Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    hoagtech - - Project Showcase


    Pm sent

  • Of course they would. Here’s the link

  • Good news. The graphics guy killed it. Thank you "Stickers for Days" Here is Carlos hard at work. E9-B60-CE8-4277-413-B-B3-AF-B33-F9734-C06-C.jpg Aero all "graphic'd" up BC1809-B8-1248-4369-A847-36995-E374-BE8.jpg Closeup of Gate Ninety's CP surround. They were thick and well made 802-CCB93-5-A67-48-F8-9-F78-31394-B206-FA2.jpg Another work shot of the CP 0-B805-D0-E-67-A1-41-B8-B376-2-B27-D6-D8-DE68.jpg Next up: Bezels and Glass.

  • Whats up Bucko? Good seeing you around these parts. For me it was the boot process that held me back. It would load games but not properly or not at all. 1. Make sure you make your jumper selection with your supergun off. 2. TUrn it on and look for the 2 solid green LED's on your multi. 3. Most importanly wait 45-90 seconds for the 2 leds to turn into a solid one. Hit service, set and then , service button and it should load. If not try turning off and on hitting service, set , service again.

  • Quote from Hatsune Mike: “Focus comes from a division of the high voltage generated by the flyback, so if it's drifting, it could be that the divider is bad internally. The MS8-26 flybacks are generally pretty sturdy, so it would be an odd case if that turns out to be it. It's not impossible for it to be the tube, either, but continual drifting would be strange. By any chance, did you clean the CRT neck, and is there a chance the pins are wet? I've had a bit of residual water be on the focus pin…

  • Thanks Rewrite. I would like your comment but I'm still getting over it....

  • I got the last of my artwork and arranged my graphics guys to come out in the next couple days and apply them. I decided to finish assembling the chassis's on all 4 Aero City. The machine that used to have Cherry Master in it was misconverged. I looked up the yoke ring order and got it looking better. Also messing with the focus on the flyback helped. 7-FCA1149-D238-4633-8-CC0-58-BFDD092-A76.jpg Aero #4 was next and looked brand new with little calibration. The lighting is crazy in the shop and …

  • Makvision 27 TriMode VGA test

    hoagtech - - Monitor Help


    Why don’t you turn the gain and bias on red up first. Captures never look like a CRT tube anyways. I’m not sure if its digital or pots on the chassis or neck board. But I’m sure their there. Your making me not want to open up my Makvision crates.

  • Quote from acblunden2: “Understandable considering what has been discussed in this thread thus far. So it is all good about it not being plug and play. Hah! I knew picking up Hammerin' Harry on M84 two years ago was a sound investment. ” Decent price for a future multi:…9fe346:g:Vk8AAOSwsjVeNUBy

  • Is there a way of blocking them so they can’t see any of my posts? And if so can random guests without profiles still view my posts? How does the block feature work?

  • Who’s selling one? I would like to see this brought to CF anyways but could send me a PM where you saw that?