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  • Does anyone else have any connection issues with the first batch? I've noticed that the multi has to be in, in exactly the right way, or I get graphical faults. I always seem to have this on Cotton, but I noticed it on some other games today too. It's a bit of a pain to have to get up and gently reseat the boards corners, ends and middle for it to go away. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

  • The last I remember seeing him on here was when someone leaked the three Atomiswave prototypes / netboots to I wonder if that had something to do with him going AWOL? Sounds like serious money was tied up to that project and there was a level of drama surrounding it.

  • If I was still in the window, I would. If he’s incapable of following through for whatever reason, I’m sure when or if he reappears, he would understand, especially considering you requested to cancel on PM due to the lack of motherboard ownership.

  • Unfortunately it’s been over 180 days which is the maximum that PayPal cover for. At this point I’m writing this off as a loss: if I get a refund or the product, that would be decent, but it’s looking unlikely. I am WELL aware people have personal issues that get in the way, myself included, trust me, but there are too many numerous promises and periods of absence in this thread from @brizzo to be considered reliable. Money is Money and a Business is a Business, I paid his company called “ROM Sp…

  • Quote from plasia: “How many multis do I need to get in the club? I want to be one of the boyz ” 1 multi. Ur down for sure.

  • Clout Boyz!

  • If this goes anywhere, I'd be keen for one

  • Multi Boyz!

  • Great Community!

    djsheep - - Forum Support & Help


    Buying things with the sole intention to resell (flip) immediately or in the near future, usually at a profit. Definitely shit when it’s sold on the same marketplace/forum it was acquired on. Or, buying things with the sole intention to hoard desirable items, usually in multiples, that others want. Traditionally I have seen the term used to describe people with deep pockets just buying anything worthwhile in sight not letting others stand a chance. While it’s perhaps annoying, there’s nothing wr…

  • Great Community!

    djsheep - - Forum Support & Help


    This place rocks, two people that I consider as very good friends, I met on here. I also managed to reconnect with someone who I taught how to DJ nearly 2 decades ago in a thread who helped me out greatly with some things I was hunting. Then there’s all the great help I have had from many to get ahead in the hobby as well as all the things I have bought from y’all and the few that I have sold off too. When I got into this I tried various forums and ended up being shitted on by the elitist boys c…

  • CPS3 Newbie Help

    djsheep - - Capcom's CPS-III


    If you buy an existing CPS-3 setup, for example Jo Jo’s, @Darksoft can sort you out the extra RAM modules you need and a cart to play everything. Just message him. Don’t feed into the massive scalp this has become on forums/eBay.

  • Awesome! Keen to get it back on track, let me know if you want some testing done before it’s released.

  • Yep, anyone who needs a hand, I’m down to help.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “@djsheep I also have sent money, then asked if a refund was an option since I couldn't find a motherboard. Radio silence. ” I spoke to @Darksoft and he’s going to try help us follow this up and get onto Brizzo. I really do hope he’s ok, but on the other side of the coin, I sent $245 USD, 7 months ago, and the least I expect for my money is some sort of transparency and the ability to follow through on the multiple promised dates to deliver this multi last year. He’s been …

  • Hey @Darksoft, Here is the version of the Firmware I am using (I believe it's the latest):…dfcaf90abec57c04364783001 I get this screen occasionally when loading the DDR (maybe once every 8-10 times):…dfcaf90abec57c04364783001 Here's a video showing the missing sprites in KOF '98: Here's a video showing the white line artifacts in KOF '98: Also, this behaviour happens in a…


  • Quote from PascalP: “Oh my god... It is here! ” Good news, it sounds like you went through some battles to get them, but alls well that ends well. Hope you're enjoying them!

  • Been spending a lot of time with my Neo Geo Multicart and have the following issue with the current Firmware. I'm using a FZ motherboard. 5v Checks out fine. I've tried two different Neo Geo FZ motherboards (one with battery, one without) as well as multiple SD cards with the same issues. The trace has been fixed/cut on my motherboard. This issue didn't happen with the last firmware I was using from about a year or so ago. If I load KOF '98 in Slot 1, there three things that can randomly happen:…

  • Quote from zerox_dogma: “Quote from djsheep: “Oriental Legend Super Special is the most complete version of the game featuring bosses as playable characters. It's the one with the pink label. ” Ok, let me see.thanks! ” There's a photo in my trades thread: WTT: Arcade Boards, Carts, Coin Mechs, Panels, etc.