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  • Quote from mangofreak: “Well, well, well! I didn't know that there were other person interested After some time, I decided to buy another stick with cables... So here are the pinout! Before testing the continuity on them, I have played with the stick on the 3 consoles (= I think my cables are working 100%) Anyway, just message me if something is wrong! ( Not all the pins are connected or grounded...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) ” Champion!!!! I have 3 of these, two without cables this will really help

  • I have the cables somewhere, I really need to document them if someone else doesnt do it, it will take a month or so though.

  • Multi Boyz!

  • Quote from djsheep: “Thanks @PascalP, will check it out. Is there a easy way to open the Capcom Security Bit? ” Since its pheonixed I'd think its pretty loose anyways, try pulling it out? If not, you might be able to rotate the top board and kinda get the b board out without breaking bit.

  • Under Defeat HD+, anyone?

    suverman - - Taito Type X


    Quote from ArcadeSTG: “My idea was the following combo: Under Defeat HD+ Teknoparrot JVS tool (to use JVS as keyboard) ” Given that this forum is about running stuff on original hardware and restoration/repairs, you wont get that answer here. Also Teknoparrot is a bit dodgy with Windows complaining that its a virus which is a major problem.

  • Hi from shmups land

    suverman - - Introduce Yourself!


    Long shot but are you conjurer from efnet? Circa 1999 - 2008. I remember he used to call himself Dave S. Klassics on social media.

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    suverman - - Forum News


    Minimum lag that generally fast scalers add to rotate is a frame, 16ms. No reason that OSSC will need more time than that. Now if it does some magic and uses scanline buffering instead of frame buffering like MiSTer does it might have a lag of a couple of scanlines which is not noticeable. However scanline buffering might not be compatible with all LCDs. 1 frame of latency can be noticeable if you keep switching between CRT and LCD, but I doubt if you are playing only on LCD that you will ever n…

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “A lot of adapters struggle with the Retrobit wireless solutions. I'm not terribly impressed with Retrobit controllers, they're damn expensive, buttons don't respond as nicely and the battery life is horrible. Retroshit in my humble opinion. 8bitdo is much, much better. ” I agree with you on that but the moulds are amazing and its hard to accept that the dongles were such a let down Saturn Controller C button needed me to open it and file down the inside for it to not getti…

  • Quote from drfunk2k: “Suverman: we are interested to know in more detail your input problem circumstance. ” I have ordered a Saturn controller, earlier I was using Retrobit's 2.4GHZ dongle for the Saturn port, which I think might be a problem - not sure how good the Retrobit Saturn dongles are. I dont want to blame the control box for my own equipment. Also my Undamned UD Adapters will be on its way so will be able to test more in the coming weeks. Thanks. I will check Vampire Saviour as well on…

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    suverman - - Forum News


    I would love to get the de10 nano daughter-board provided its decent priced.

  • Quote from KalessinDB: “Regarding input issues: - Can you get this tested with some of the CPS2 games that don't like having Button 4 on the JAMMA edge? I can't remember which ones they are off the top of my head, but I know there's at least 1 or 2 identified in one of the threads about the CPS2 Multi. ” Is it possible that you can link me to the parts of the thread? Or maybe tell me which games they are?

  • Nice one!!! Infact I have one! Thanks! Edit: On the second thoughts, I think the cable is a male plug... I shall try it still.

  • Quote from drfunk2k: “AVmulti is SONY's dedicated interface, which is the same video interface as SONY PS.For SONY's display equipment. AVmulti contains RGBS signals, one of the interfaces of RGB. ” Sorry if I am wrong, but the 9pin plugs into the control box (output), you are saying there are Sony display equipments (say PVMs) that accepts the AVmulti plug as input?

  • Edit: There are some issues with inputs which needs a bit of testing. I got it, thanks to @djsheep for informing me of this - works for me really well- I run CPS1, CPS2, NAOMI2, Fever SOS and various other single board arcade PCBs. Pros: 1. No need for Sun PSU for my Naomis now. 2. Cables and box are well made - professionally done. 3. Everything else. 4. One stop shop for cables and all. Cons: None to report at the moment. I will later try with the Namco 246/256. P.S. I dont know about electric…

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    suverman - - Forum News


    Quote from Frank_fjs: “I'm excited by the FPGA functionally and expansion header. This could be an all in one solution that replaces mister. ” Unless the Cyclone V has integrated arm (soc), that wont be possible.

  • He said he would have preferred emails about botched installation attempts than comments on his blog. I think he is having a bad day.

  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

    suverman - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Following. Also is there a difference between the WII and the arcade version?

  • @ArcSys101 you stay close to him?

  • Quote from xodaraP: “I'm hoping as part of this that the A custom can be documented for potential reproduction. It was used on CPS2 as well as CPS1 ” There is a plan for a CPS1 FPGA core early 2020 by jotego. Right now he is slowly releasing earlier Capcom arcade cores documenting the evolution and there is a pretty good chance that the custom is implemented in FPGA. Unsure if gate level modelling? would be his goal since that will require decapping, but should be cycle accurate eventually (like…