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  • I can confirm that this multi is just amazing Enjoy dudes

  • Quote from sk8er000: “Maybe it's because everyone is still on vacation, I'm sure a lot of other people will be glad to see this conversion! This morning I've tried your conversion! Initially I had some issues (NOT related to your work). It sounds strange to me but the B1 rom that is used for audio was generating some garbage on the background (mostly black pixels) due to some ossidation on the pins (it took me 3 hours to figure out the issue ). I still have some black pixels that show for a seco…

  • I confirm : my Friend @Apocalypse made an incredible job while i'm a full beginner in converting PCBs. Starting at zero, and a couple of hours later, playing shadow dancer... It's just Christmas in August ! Many thanks, i feel lucky being your friend (not only considering arcade )

  • Quote from stt1: “I'm pretty sure you'll get it sold I would need one too, but can't buy this month... (of course trades possible, if I can find something to offer). ” My only aim is to help someone that wants a multi I don't need to sell it, and this Gallop isn't anyway for sale on any support on the net PS : I love arcade and i'd prefere trading instead of selling

  • Still enjoying this wonderful Multi my friends, don't hesitate to order it, it's magic ! PS : I have a Gallop for sale if someone is interested in (payed 400 on yaj, 550 delivered in France (shipping + custom and taxes)). PPS : I only sell it to be fair (no needing at the moment), I don't like selling my PCBs

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from lorenzo2mars: “If you're looking for "- Sega System 18 romboard type 171-5987", let me check, I've 3 S18 @ home ” Actually I'm looking for one because I'm going to send one to you .You know for the Moonwalker conversion ” Ha ha ha so fun

  • Quote from archimage: “ask @HighFlow for the case, he's the one making them, I gave him the measures and he made the product, we've been doing that for quite a lot of pcbs ” Big up !

  • Quote from archimage: “Hello my friend, I will share the files here, if you have a printer, you just have to buy adhesive photo paper print it on high quality and you're done, I also do an extra layer of adhesive plastic protection, but it's completely optional, if you don't risk to scratch the ink from them. Of course if you don't have access to a printer or adhesive glossy paper I can do it for you. ” Thanks a lot for your reply I misunderstood, i thought you were doing all the case, including…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from Darksoft: “That's model2, but we get the point ” Model 2 Multi... confirmed?Conspiracy-Theory-Wall.jpg ” Then a Multi Cave and we can die

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “I've sent an adapter to @Mitsurugi-w. Time to do a review? I will also resume my work on the multi soon. It's hard to prioritise between S16B V2, S18, CPS1, etc. but since this is a quite simple project I'd rather complete it and move to something bigger. ” If you're looking for "- Sega System 18 romboard type 171-5987", let me check, I've 3 S18 @ home

  • Quote from archimage: “Being happy with the Irem sticker, I made this too. It's a bit bigger than what I expected but it's fine though. Makes sense to me to see the games names (even if it's in japanese or new fashioned logos). If you guys enjoy them I can make the source file available to print. jtyX7r8.jpg ” Hello my friend, can I buy you some for my M72 and C2 multis ? Hope you'll be ok !

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Quote from lorenzo2mars: “Start your engines !!!!! ” That's model2, but we get the point ” Hahaha you know your classics

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “I've sent the proto romboard blanks to @Mitsurugi-w. Be prepared testers ( @Darksoft, @Mitsurugi-w, @SmokeMonster, @lorenzo2mars). ” Can't wait for it ! Start your engines !!!!!

  • No worries with multi on M72 Gallop. Works very fine !

  • @Apocalypse Fantasy Zone is awesome. Magic man !

  • @Apocalypse Very rare to find someone helpful like you. Arcade needs men like you, many many many thanks. Christmas today for me. I'm like a child and we love arcade for that. Long life !

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Some Image Fights have been selling for about $430 on YAJ so some cheaper options for those on the fence. ” I know.. i lost the auction yesterday You can add about 30 percent on yaj price for european buyers (customs, transport, intermediate) @Apocalypse 200$ is a gift for arcade fans and you don’t have to apologize for the price. Please continue makin’ us dream !

  • Fair and magic as usual. Thanks a lot Apocalypse !

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from Derick2k: “@Apocalypse Can you please add to the list for both the jamma adapter and multi, thank you. ” Hi Derick2k,Ok let's build a list: System E to JAMMA adapter: @mastercello @lorenzo2mars (for Jean-Mix) @Mitsurugi-w @Derick2k System E multi kit: @mastercello @lorenzo2mars (for Jean-Mix) @Mitsurugi-w @zizer ? @Derick2k ” Thanks my friend !