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  • I just modded my single-bard Football Champ and it works perfectly. Unfortunately duplicating this on the ROM board (Hattrick Hero) version doesn't boot. jump together pin 30 of the 4 27c010 EPROM slots together and then tied that to CPU Pin 46 (C-Connector pin 18) by way of the solder joint for the PAL pin 11 socket…c5b29f3e7e62b24fced834c67 then pulled pin 11 of the PAL out of the socket and tied that CPU Pin 47 (C-Connector Pin 19).…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “I have 2x Thunder Fox. Is there something I could convert one of them to? ” Quote from twistedsymphony: “I threw this chart together a while back when I was trying to figure out what potential conversion candidates were... index.php ” Liquid Kids looks like the only other board with matching taito Customs. Maybe Mega Blast if you patched out protection.

  • Quote from Zebra: “How does the JVS control board connect to a Lindbergh system (or other PC-based arcades)? ” typically there is a port mounted in one of the card slots for use with JVS sometimes this is a PCI card, other times it's a small PCB wit a wire harness that plugs into the mobo's serial port header. both TTX and Lindbergh also have dip-switches integrated into this and sometimes some other functions like a reset button or status LED.

  • Quote from Hammy: “Ninja kids is the only other game that may run on this particular board. (TE7750 chip) Not looked at it. The config for ninja kids has 1 less graphics chip compared to football champ h/w. ” indeed. though Ninja Kids isn't that rare or valuable of a game. If you're interested I have an original Ninja Kids ROM board I can do some testing on though. I threw this chart together a while back when I was trying to figure out what potential conversion candidates were... arcade-project…

  • nice, my attempts were all done on a ROM board version of the game, I think the only wire I was missing was the one from the PAL. I do have a single board version so I'll dig that out to try either today or tomorrow. and maybe we can figure out this conversion for the ROM board variant as well So who's up for the next potential F2 Conversion!? I'm thinking Ah Eikou no Koshien to Gun Frontier is possible

  • Quote from mypinballs: “added the missing A18-M68k address line to the roms and to the 68k cpu, and changed the pin 11 input of ic45 pal input to A19-M68k index.php ” WOW, nice work. So in addition to adding the above connections did you have to cut any traces? And did you have to modify the ROMs at all?

  • Glad it was such a simple issue. I get in such a habbit of clearing the EEPROM data whenever I'm doing conversions I sometimes forget that others might not think to do that.

  • can you get into the test menu? if so, try going in there and doing a full reset to defaults. I'm more inclined to believe the two regions save data to the EEPROM differently and maybe it's crashing when it gets to a value it doesn't understand. Even if the Mask ROMs were different I don't think it would cause the game to crash. I've run the Mach Breakers Program ROMs and KEYCUS chip on a NB2 board loaded up with Outfoxies sound and graphics ROMs and it boots and plays (albeit with bad graphics …

  • Best CPS2 game to Multi

    twistedsymphony - - Capcom's CPS2


    whatever you can buy cheap.

  • I've been working on trying to convert a PROG BK1 and CHA 256 to Money Puzzle Exchanger. Since the CHA256 board was barely documented, and I was having some graphics and sound issues I spent some time with a multimeter and figured out what all the jumpers are for. here are the results: If using 27c010 for M1 J2, J3 - jumped J1, J4 - open If using 27c301 for M1 J1, J4 - jumped J2, J3 - open If the Largest C-ROM is a 27c322 J9, J10 - jumped J5, J6, J7, J8 - open If the Largest C-ROM is a 27c160 J7…

  • I've been playing around with some MVS conversions for a few weeks now and here's what I've learned so far. First of all you have some carts with protection (such as the FIO boards) these aren't really suitable for donors and if you want to convert TO one of those games you're going to want decrypted ROMs. beyond that you can theoretically convert anything to anything as long as the cart board has enough space to hold your target game. So generally it's not about matching the correct PCB so much…

  • They're completely different technologies LED is a Light Emitting Diode and even single color LEDs actually output a fairly wide spectrum of light (see my light spectrometer graphs earlier in this thread.) LASER is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and basically works at an atomic level to produce a stream of electrons vibrating at a VERY specific frequency. Laser can fuck you up, but LEDs are no more dangerous than a light bulb

  • crisis zone doesn't use a laser. its just a focused led

  • Resin printing would be best but if you're going to FDM print it then ABS or Nylon (if your machine is capable) would be ideal.

  • Quote from Zebra: “What type of manufacturing do you work in if you don't mind me asking? ” I have a degree in mechanical engineering and write engineering software for an Aerospace parts manufacturer. We mostly make stuff that moves: roller bearings, rod ends, links, engine mounts, landing gear parts, etc. If it flies it probably has our parts in it.

  • Quote from Zebra: “Let me ask you this, do you think it's possible to maintain perfect line of site accuracy with just a 3 axis accelerometer and and a gyro? ” If it were a 3-axis gyro and if both the gyro and 3-axis accelerometer had perfectly accurate output then yes, absolutely because that would give you all 6 axis for perfect positioning and orientation of the gun in 3D space. the only reason that wouldn't work is because the technology is still kind of shit and not very accurate.

  • I've never really played around with swapping yokes/tubes, in general I just swap the whole monitor assembly wholesale, or replace just the chassis with a like chassis. is it possible to fix the plastic with epoxy or q-bond? or 3D print a replacement? I'm not entirely clear on what broke if it's just a small spacer part or the whole plastic yoke base?

  • an object doesn't need to be a sphere to have 6 axis. the screen doesn't move so it has 0 axis of movement and we're not tracking player limbs only the gun's position and orientation related to the screen. linear z position = height of the gun linear y position = normal distance from gun to screen linear x position = normal distance left or right from the screen rotational z position = angle left or right the gun is pointed rotational y position = angle up or down the gun is pointed rotational x…

  • Correct, Gun Survivor 2 has only 3-axis: X-Linear, Y-linear, Z-Rotation these are the same 3 axis as the old Rotary Sticks like Ikari Warriors even though the technology is completely different. and there are still only 6-axis that an object can move in :

  • I know you're not making it up. I've worked in manufacturing for 16 years... but you still don't understand the concept. for a single object you only have 6 axis that it can move in. that's it. those machines are called 9, 10, 11 axis because there are multiple objects and they're just adding up the total number of moving axis among all the objects. so they have one 5 axis machine head plus a 4 axis fixture and the market it as a 9 axis machine. it's like if you bought a dog and then went around…