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  • Thank you a lot @Frank_fjs for your precisions. i am not able to calculate the best resistance needed. hope someone here could tell me more best regards

  • Hi, Do you think it is possible to use this card to extract video signal of a CPS2's jamma and have a RGB signal. as you can see, this card was created for MVS system. Best regards…add3bab4dcd35141c4e12febf…add3bab4dcd35141c4e12febf

  • Quote from Wraith: ““standard” refers to the old method of replacing the SH-2 chip inside the cartridge with a normal, “standard” chip. “Custom” refers to using Capcom’s stock custom SH-2 chip and not replacing it. Whoever sold you the superbios cartridge may be mistaking, try the custom version and report back. edit: also, your picture shows firmware version 4.8. ” Thanks. i will test the custom version... my scsi2sd is a V5.1 (hardware) and the last fw is 4.8. Thanks again.

  • Hi, I have a multiCPS3 (thank you @Darksoft for DIMM and @aje_fr for the superbios cartbridge) I test my system and all is OK. I have bought a scsi2sd I have an old SD card - I copy UniCD-CPS3_for_standard_SH2_V4_Unmodified.iso I have upgraded the firmware to v5.1 and saved the parameters -save to device- i read the tutorial but it doesn't work. (I have a iMac with parallels desktop with windows10) Do you have an idea? the SD-HC card is not compatible? should I copy…

  • Hi, is it possible to have a link to dl CPS2 Roll-up pack of OLD roms (decrypted) best regard

  • 128Mb CPS3 SIMMS!!!!!!

    mthngn - - Capcom's CPS-III


    Hi Need 2x 128 And 1x 64 PM @Darksoft

  • @Darksoft MP

  • Hi, i have bought a CPS3 with a game (sf3.1) I buy also a cardbridge sh2 with superbios. think i could play with some cps3 games but not all because not enough memory could you see the picture and confirm that a need 1x64 and 1x128 i read a post of darksoft who sells ram but only 128. does it work if i buy 2x128? best…add3bab4dcd35141c4e12febf

  • Summary i try to install lonely my multi-cps2 (big mistake) I make bad work and dammage DATA point.…add3bab4dcd35141c4e12febf i go to a friend who has an expertise He repairs my board and i was happy to play. 100% functional…add3bab4dcd35141c4e12febf…add3bab4dcd35141c4e12febf 2 weeks later, i turn on my supergun and discover a blue (pale) screen. I switch to another game: black screen during flash card m…

  • Quote from piscian18: “Quote from mthngn: “Thank you Do you have a link to dl a decrypted rom? Best regards ” If you downloaded the rollup pack "MVC_unlocked" is decrypted. ” sorry but I found nowhere. I have only encrypted.

  • Thank you Do you have a link to dl a decrypted rom? Best regards

  • Hi, Thank you, I will post pictures but i can not now (too much work and childs!) When i installed (2weeks ago) the key writing wires, i damage multiCPS2 (DATA). À friend repair the damage (DATA pin) and all work good . And now it does not work. is There anothere way to take DATA on the multiCPS2 card thank you Again Have à Nice day

  • Hi, i install my multi and all work great (2 weeks) Today l’ve got a Blue screen with my multi With an original Board B, it’s ok 1/ i’m looking for EXC5 and found it on B board :60sec shortcut : always Blue screen 2/ i reload roms on the same SD card (buy with the multi): it loads but always Blue screen. Could you help me please. thanks.

  • CPS2 I/O Interface

    mthngn - - RGB's lab


    Quote from RGB: “Ended up with a few fully assembled CPS2IOI's, PM me or use the form on my website if you need one. @xterc Interesting soldermask/PCB color, may I ask where did you order it from? ” Hi RGB, > PM

  • Hello everybody

    mthngn - - Introduce Yourself!


    Need money. I buy multiCPS2, board A+B of super street fighters 2: i learn that it s a serial match À/B and not phoenix..too sad to kill this I buy à 1944 phœnix this morning ☺️

  • Hello everybody

    mthngn - - Introduce Yourself!


    Hello First, excuse my english, I’m french so... I’m 44yo I play videogames since i’m 7yo I have a pretty cool MVS collection. Now, Ím interested in the Line up of Capcom of 1990-2000: CPS2. A friend talk to me multiCPS so Im here Best regards