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  • Thank you frank I really appreciate it. I will select between one of these to put inside the super gun control port so i can run wiring to arcade buttons and controller. It looks like I might the first option?…3&creativeASIN=B0743BF5P9…3&creativeASIN=B00SUJZ8DW…3&creativeASIN=B00SUKB2GS

  • I believe this is exactly what i am looking for or very close. I want to be able to plug to separate devices like alt.thrimus sega saturn to db-15 adapter. But i want to have the side not plugged into the saturn control port to be able to have arcade button controls wired to it. This would be used with a neo geo super gun. is there anything out there like that?

  • Hello this forum is awesome. I have been trying to come up with a quick arcade newbie arcade to get into the arcade scene. My arcade days revolved around aladdins castle arcades the are not around anymore. quick question I was doing a lot of research and i wondering if I could attach a arcade control panel to an output of a neo geo super gun unit going from both control slots to individual arcade sticks and buttons. the connector from post 32 looks like it is possible to wire them into each slot…