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  • Quote from Segasonicfan: “When you say it's the upper pal, you mean based on the orientation of the picture? ” The orientation in the picture. If you look at the traces that go and disappear under the ROM. There are traces from the other one going to the program eprom.

  • Interesting... did you re-use the board for Espgaluda, or did you make a new one?

  • Based on the picture I expect the upper PAL is controlling the tile data, they are 22v10 on that board if I remember correctly. Its job is to map the tile data address to the start of the ROM, and generate the CS signals for the tile ROM on the main board and the cartridge. You could check continuity from the PAL to the ROM for the upper few address lines. If the ROM was socketed I would dump it and compare it against the Mame data. (Edit: just to be save you could dump the program ROM and compa…

  • Quote from Segasonicfan: “…c4bc88bd4dd58451b19fc93ce ” Ok, that is the Lydz board. They are purpose-built, so it is strange that this doesn't work out of the box. The background tile data is stored in the SMD-mounted ROM. I don't know which of the PAL is controlling it, though it is the same for all cave games so it should work. I would look if all the SMD pins are soldered properly. One problem with these mods is that you get modern high-capacity / 16 bit flash chi…

  • Okay, one option I've been thinking about: I was planning to send out one of the CHAR boards with sockets, so people can test their burned ROMs before soldering them in. I could take one of my test PROG boards as well. They're just laying on my shelf collecting dust anyway... That would help to eliminate some more variables when people try to bring up their boards. This would require people to send them on once they're done with them.

  • Quote from rewrite: “I wanted it to fit in the case, damn it. lol ” The prog board has enough room for sockets...

  • Quote from Segasonicfan: “I have a similar problem and a similar conversion PCB. My top board is the same but the bottom is green new style board with "Cave" on it. Mine plays fine until the level 3 boss. Then I lose the background image I replaced the diodes for a proper 3v3 on the top board, but the bottom one already has a reg. Wondering if the Rom dump is bad..? Or what I should replace. I took pics and vids which Ill upload later. ” I think @sheep_nova posted about this a while ago, IIRC th…

  • Quote from rewrite: “@Fluffy I've got a V10 here. And yeah, the thinner boards are harder to get set in there properly without a cart shell (been removing and testing so often it wasn't worth putting it on). Easy to end up with screens like @buffi posted above. Work nicely in a cart shell though! Quote from Fluffy: “Maybe some leftover copy protection? ” It seems @Mrhide is using the same exact file without issues, so I'm not sure? ” Another idea: What speed of EPROM are you using?

  • There are only 10 of the revision 1 char boards, so if you got one they're collector's items! They are a bit thinner as well, so they may have contact problems, which is why I made all the later ones a bit thicker. Which motherboard revision are you guys using? Any soldering or connection problem would fail the trap version as well, which makes this confusing... Maybe some leftover copy protection?

  • Quote from xodaraP: “So on my resistor array, if I measure pin 1 and any other pin I get 10k ohms. If I measure any other 2 pins together I get 20 ohms. Is someone able to confirm if this is the correct circuit or do I need to order a different resistor array? ” That is expected behaviour. There were a few reports of a game crashing until SRAM is cleared. That is the switch next to the test button. (I am not sure if you have to switch it while the motherboard is off, while switching it on, or wh…

  • Quote from rewrite: “That's sound logic given the issue at hand, yes? ” Yes, anything else would prevent the game from booting at all.

  • Quote from rewrite: “Fixing this brought back my sound, and now I can get mid-way through Stage 1 before it crashes. Everything is facing the right direction. And I've scoured both boards for unwanted bridges. ” Did you burn the program rom into a different EPROM, in case the one you're using is not 100% working?

  • If the game crashes I expect some kind of problem on the prog board with the program eprom or the connector. For sound the problem can be the sample ROM on the char board, the multiplexers or the address decoder. (Or a connection problem.) Check that you have the multiplexers installed the right way around, and that there are no solder blobs connecting unwanted pins on the address decoder. PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

  • P(imped)GM

    Fluffy - - IGS PGM/PGM2/etc. support


    Quote from djsheep: “If there are no known games that use it, what is the point? ” I guess it doesn't hurt if you plan to use an external amplifier anyway. And there is the chance that someone produces a patch that adds some stereo mixing to the background music...

  • Didn't someone on here have a vacuum forming table?

  • stv bootleg card

    Fluffy - - Sega ST-V


    If my cart is still interesting to Darksoft we could do a swap.

  • Quote from raik: “Hi everyone! A friend of mine has a weird graphic glitches on his Ketsui cart. Sound is missing at 75% and all graphics are only a pixel mess. No idea of what's going on, weldings are clean. Anyone has a lead on this kind of bugs? It's a killing bland and a kov plus card together. Thanks for your help! ” Corrupted graphics and sound is the bottom board. Maybe a power issue? Can you check that the chips are getting ~3.3V? Looks like the conversion is using two diodes, maybe try …

  • stv bootleg card

    Fluffy - - Sega ST-V


    They seem to use mirrored packages to simplify layout. Though it is possible that they re-flashed a bigger cart for your game as well. (Or robbed chips from mine.) Edit: checked the data sheet. The standard layout is E28F008SA-120, mirrored layout is F28F008SA-120, which would explain the different pattern.

  • Maybe one of the B-ROMs is dodgy? Graphics data are stored compressed, B-ROMs contain the mask and A-ROMs contain the actual pixel, so if the B-ROM doesn't produce the right data at the right time it would shift the sprite image.

  • stv bootleg card

    Fluffy - - Sega ST-V


    I'm not attached to it, though it is my only ST-V cartridge right now. What are you offering? My ST-V has very noisy audio, so there is a chance that the samples are corrupted or mapped wrong.