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  • UD-USB Decoders

    imfuraisoth - - Temple of the Undamned


    Yo I wish I saw this earlier. Can I get 4 of those screws? I’ll PayPal you the money. I tried finding my own and couldn’t.

  • Or some reason the 2.5 versions of these boards for super expensive on eBay. I swore I saw someone selling it for $80-$90 a few months back and now it’s at $120-$130

  • CPS2 I/O Interface

    imfuraisoth - - RGB's lab


    Are there specific A board versions I need to be aware of to install the digital AV? Are there even different versions like the B boards? I'm looking to get this…igital-interface-reserve/ Seems like they are also sold out at the moment.

  • Yes I second that. Thank you all for the help on this forum. I got my supergun up and running as well. I can start hosting locals now.

  • I figured out my problem. The jamma extender was only a 28 pin one instead of 56 pin. I thought 28 was enough but apparently not.

  • I tried but it didn’t seem to work. I tried to hold down all 3 buttons to get the light to blink but it never did. I’m going to try to update the firmware. And the remapping only maps buttons right? Three of my directions still doesn’t register.

  • Okay so I wired up my undamned usb decoders and some inputs just don’t register. I know it’s not a connectivity issue because I checked with a multimeter. Anyone else have issues like this? I wired it up according to the pin outs of their documentaton

  • UD-USB Decoders

    imfuraisoth - - Temple of the Undamned


    Okay got it all working. The connectors were not touching the wires. The wires I have are a little bit on the thin side.

  • UD-USB Decoders

    imfuraisoth - - Temple of the Undamned


    So I finally got the wires to wire up my UD decoders. Only 3 buttons register and up and down don't work. I thought I plugged it in according to the spec. I need to reset the buttons but I don't know why up and down doesn't work. Left and right work.

  • Tracking said it’s left via airplane which is a total lie. It was last known to be in Shanghai which I’m guessing is coming over by boat. And I also ordered these stupid ass cables from eBay for $3 and it looks like it’s stuck in customs. I wish RadioShack never went out of business. I just need some wires!

  • How long does it usually take for something to get to the US via aliexpress? I know it's coming from China but still feels super slow. I think I've been waiting for almost a month now.

  • Okay then that means I’ll have to cut the wires for that cable and solder that to the 8 pin mini din.

  • I have a question about the Vertical sync and horizontal sync of the video converter. Since the 8 pin mini din only has CSYNC, do I need to connect that wire to both HS and VS of the connector on the video converter? Or do I only need H sync? rgb-cga-to-tv.jpg

  • Alright I’ll go with the one you recommended then. It just looked like the delivery was going to take a long time. Thanks. By the way, the spec for that one says input power of 12V 2A. The power supply I bought has 12V at 4A. Would I still be able to tap from that power or will the extra amps fry the board? edit: never mind I just read about how power supply and power requirements work haha. The supply needs to be able handle at least that amount of amps. So I’m good.

  • This thing will work too for my RGB to S-Video conversion right? Only thing is they don't say which pin is what for the wiring. By the wire colors. I'm guessing red is +5V, black is ground, and the other 3 are the colors. Do I not need the CSYNC? Oh wait, I just watched a video on it and it seems like it's just ground and the last pin is for sync.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Why are you looking at S-Video? If you're connecting to a modern TV use an OSSC. If using a CRT without SCART then you're better off using a component adapter since the minigun doesn't output native S-Video. If S-Video is your only option I'm not aware of too many options to convert RGB SCART to S-Video. If you have component, get a CSY-2100 or a clone. ” The TV I got only has composite or s-video. I don't want to use a modern TV with HDMI. It doesn't look good to me. I thin…

  • So what adapter do I need to connect the SCART to a TV? Sorry for the million questions. I'm new to this as you can tell. I just need to turn the video into S-Video input for a TV. I would like as little lag as possible which is why I'm looking at pass throughs.

  • Ah thank you for the help guys. Man these cables are freaking expensive. I didn't think I'd have to sink this much money into building a supergun. So then do I convert SCART to S-Video with something like this?…deo&qid=1571538580&sr=8-4 Also, is the audio coming out of this jack or should I be plugging the audio directly into the game itself?

  • Could anyone link me to a supplier of the suitable cables? Or maybe just put the links to them in the first page. There's a lot of stuff in this thread to sift through.

  • Will this work?…3432&s=electronics&sr=1-3