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  • For anybody else who is updating the amplifier in their cabinets to the Capcom Q-Sound amplifier board/transformer assembly, some advice based on my update. 1: Before you make the switch, reset the volume level of your CPS2/CPS3 board to the minimum. The Q-Sound amplifier isn't a weak little one so the normal volume level you were used to will be MUCH louder. I feared that I popped my speakers when I first turned it on. Haha. Thankfully, the speakers were fine and just really loud. 2: Spend the …

  • Well this is interesting. Customs had disposed of the transformer I had ordered. Was looking around Craigslist in the area and saw someone who had a Big Blue cabinet listed for parts. I lucked out and was able to get that Kitamura transformer. I'm quite happy. The audio difference isn't massively noticable, but I do notice certain instruments that I can honestly say I didn't really notice before. It's subtly different, but noticable. I need to get a different volume potentiometer though. This th…

  • Having an excuse to pick up little odds and ends that I needed anyway, at Mouser I saw a 14 V AC transformer that I will be giving a try. Once they arrive later this week, I'll be able to test them out both (The 12V AC one I got on Digikey and this one) and see if either works. I won't post any manufacturer or model information/links yet until I can confirm that they work.

  • I just picked up a 12V AC transformer from Digikey. It was only $20. If it works, I'll post here and let folks know.

  • Strange. Perhaps I'll have a 12V DC input I could provide to see if it works. Though it's weird that the setup in the picture looks like an Impress 12V version of the board, but there's no coil on there so that would be the 18V version. Didn't see it in the tweet thread, but I wonder if it's getting any sound out of there.

  • My guess would be that in the x-ray they only saw a solid metal block. An overzealous Customs Person must have been certain that there was illegal drugs hidden in there, so better drill it open to make sure. Grumble, grumble.

  • Right now, I would KILL for an alternative way to power the amp. I've just been told that US Customs has destroyed my transformer. (Drilled a hole right through it). We need to find a transformer that can be used as a replacement for the original as it looks like they cannot be imported anymore.

  • Getting an amp generally isn't the problem. It's getting the transformer that appears to be incredibly difficult to find that is the problem.

  • Quote from donluca: “@l_oliveira there's absolutely no equalizer whatsoever on the Qsound amp board, you can see that yourself, there's a clear picture of it. The DSP is located on the main board and can work with any amplifier, not just Capcom's. The amp is one of the most classic, straightforward designs, with two op-amps acting as buffers, two power amps on the heatsink and all the various caps and resistors for noise filtering. And now that I come to think about it... I think @SmokeMonster a…

  • Does anybody, located in the USA, have a spare CPT-002B transformer they'd be willing to sell me? I ordered one from Australia but United States Customs has seized the package and it doesn't look like they'll be letting it loose. (I guess there must be a new law that says any power transformers received from overseas must be drilled out and inspected for drugs or otherwise dismantled beyond repair). I have not been able to locate this transformer anywhere else but this seller in Australia and he…

  • Yes. Just plug left and right RCA audio connectors to the input on the board and it will function as a regular stereo amplifier. Just make sure it's unamplified (Line level, I believe it's called) signals going into the amp. You don't want to send preamplified, speaker ready signals into the amplifier.

  • Quote from hardyhell: “Quote from Asure: “Quote from hardyhell: “so the volume is adjustable per These knobs and per Service menu? thanks ” The kick connector has two pins for external buttons for vol+ and vol- as well, so it's possible to have external volume controls:)See…S2_-_3.2F4_Player_Harness ” Ahh nice. So putting 29/30 on Grund will step up and down the volume. Thanks ” I'm actually incorporating a stereo volume potentiometer between the source and the amp…

  • Quote from donluca: “@wasspat, don't take this a personal attack, but rather a warning to all other potential buyers to avoid the spreading of misinformation: the "Q-Sound" amp provided by Capcom is an absolutely standard stereo power amp with no custom circuitry or IC on it. The entire Q-sound improving thing is on the CPS1/2 motherboard themselves, you can use any amp and enjoy Q-Sound. You've swapped the amp so that was bound to change the way the sound it's reproduced, but it has absolutely …

  • Sweet. The amp arrived from France fairly fast and looks great. Sadly, the transformer I ordered from Australia has somehow caught the attention of US Customs and my package has been "pulled aside." I just pray that they don't take forever with it and PLEASE don't damage it. If they do, i'm out the cost of the transformer and relegated to trying to find one here in the USA so that Customs won't get in the way.

  • Very happy to have revisited this thread. Haven't done much work in my cabinets (anxiously awaiting the CPS1 multi), but had a regular amp that I hacked together in my Dynamo HS-5 cab. Just went on E-Bay and found a full CPS2 Big Blue working Q-Sound amp with transformer for less than a hundred bucks including shipping. When it arrives in a few weeks, I'll be able to put that into my multi and try it out. Sweet! Edit: Okay, turns out no, it does not include the transformer even though the seller…

  • CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Jdurg - - Capcom's CPS-III


    How does the request by someone for a BIOS that suits their needs negatively impact you? Just curious why you have such distaste for people who like something in a different manner than you? If Darksoft releases a BIOS update that removes that region-select which some people don't like, does that mean you have to take a sledgehammer to your system? I'm just always curious why people hate options so much. This doesn't impact you one bit at all.

  • CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Jdurg - - Capcom's CPS-III


    Gotcha. Thanks. I've already modified my own CD image to remove the extra text, so no need for me to update. Can patiently wait for the BIOS update.

  • CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Jdurg - - Capcom's CPS-III


    Alright, it's been a while since I have put my CPS3 multi in my cab, but am curious about this new release. What is the difference between V4 and V5 of this new release, and what else is different about it? I guess I'm wondering if there is a change log listing what is different between this new version and the old ones.

  • Cool. Thanks. I'll definitely keep an eye on it. Might not be for a while, but eventually I'm sure the Gamecube nostalgia will kick in for some folks and other options will become available over time.

  • Very cool. Sadly, by being made out of unobtanium and support for it likely totally gone, it doesn't suit me all too well.