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  • Bullet is a dual-stick shooter (like Robotron). So the "4 buttons" makes sense for the 4 directions of the shooting stick. It's also 3 players too... so my question: is there a Sega 16B IO that we'll need for some of these games? Edit: Looks like @Apocalypse was looking for one to repro:…rd-837-7968-reproduction/

  • Another Dreamcast homebrewer! Was there a memo put out lately in the DC community? If so, fantastic. You guys are awesome.

  • Hi Dreamcast dev neogeo cd

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    Dreamcast you say?? I already like you.

  • The red version is so damn sexy. EZ5txMY.jpg

  • Quote from hursit: “I hope i can make it for USB GDROM in next days ” Keep in mind, there are 2 revisions for the USB GDROM, one that has the USB sticking out the back of the DC, the other that sits internally. I believe the first couple of revs of the USB GDROM had the USB out the back. Mine is one of those. Initially I changed the USB port to an internal (reversed) one, but I found that I actually like having access to the port from outside the DC, so I returned it to the stock config. arcade-…

  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from MoppelTheWhale: “looks awesome!, unfortunately i'm out, i have USB GDROM installed ” Same. It does look great though! ” I’m in the USB-GDROM club too! Great device, and the creator isn’t as batshit crazy as the GDEmu. I mean, he’s still batshit crazy, but just a lot less than the other guy. Lol

  • Other than SDI and Super League, what other System 16B games use a trackball?

  • Is the first post up to date re: pre-order shipping? Just wondering where we all are in the queue...

  • Great Community!

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    I totally get your POV about shmups and neo-geo. I still love going to those sites as well, as I've met and am still involved with the on-goings there. For example, shmups has a lot of great video processing projects that are constantly updating. They have a yearly "shmups ranking" and nowhere compares to their strategy threads. N-G has the Shmups/Game of the Month that I love participating in when I can, and it's been consistent for many years now. There are really great members there that have…

  • CPS III black screen

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    Yup, that sounds like a dead cart. Do you have anyone in your area that you can get to test your cart on their mobo? If you paid the seller through ebay, or paypal goods and services, I'd start a claim now. If the seller is unwilling to help you, you don't have much choice but to escalate the issue. If you paid through paypal Friends & Family, then you're kinda screwed.

  • I swore I put my name in for the new rotary switches in another thread, but I’ll mention it here as well. Put me down for one of those @oneleaf86!

  • Thank you @Mitsurugi-w !…1ce9246be40d82545595b1e61

  • Oh wow, more common than i thought. Well at least now I won't have worry about the battery, so if it fails again, I have a more narrow troubleshoot to look at.

  • I got a message from Mitsu about my 3rd Strike cart: Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Just finished it. The bios chip had actually gone bad so I had to replace it. The battery wasn't the issue. Nothing you could have done to save it." ” My poor 3rd Strike cart, never stood a chance... here I was blaming myself for neglecting it. I don't know how common it is for Bios chips to go bad, but it sounds to me like a rare occurrence.

  • ^ | | source.gif

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “I mean... I need to get one first ” You're so close to the top of the list man! I'm about 1/3 down, so it might be a little while for me.

  • UD-USB Decoders

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    Quote from Rotanibor: “TBH in a tournament situation I'm going to be using DB15 extension cords because I don't want anybody near a partially exposed supergun. I have been trying to figure out a decent way of securing the UD-USBs to an extension cable though. Something like this may help, as in screw the bolt end of the jackscrew into the extension cable's screws, and secure the screw end of the jack screw with a nut. ” yeah, that’s why I use cheap USB extension cords that connect to the screwed…

  • UD-USB Decoders

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    Ended up ordering a pack (100) of #4-40 jackscrews that do the job perfectly.…1ce9246be40d82545595b1e61 Nice and secured. I’ve got short USB extensions I use as ‘break-away’ cables, so the Decoders stay on the HAS, and people can plug in their controls via the extension cables and not have to touch anything else. This is vital for a tournament situation where people are plugging in and out their USB cords. If anyone wants a set of 2 of these jackscrews, let me know…

  • Quote from opt2not: “Thanks guys, I’m talking to mitsurugi-w about getting it superBios’d. ” Thanks everyone, I appreciate all your opinions. Like I already said, I’ll get it SuperBios’d and move on.

  • Yeah I would have liked to kept it original for as long as I could, if I was on top of it more. This cart and boardset has a lot of sentimental value for me. It was the one and only arcade related present my wife gave me about 11 years ago for my 30th birthday. In those days, Third Strike was going for $300, complete, and that’s off eBay. Cheaper from the forums. My wife did her research, polled my friends, then asked many questions from the eBay seller before surprising me with it. It came on b…