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  • All i need to do is to install on PA4 a 2ohm resistor or a piece of wire and on A20 is located a 20mhz crystal witch i want to change it with a 24mhz one. I’ll update the post using a video after i’ll power the board Thank you

  • Quote from nonosto: “Where can i find a new 68k chip please? ” here

  • Frank_fjs ... Sir,make the list and ask everyone what kit option want and then send all to Mitsu. Will be more easier to go one time at postal customs to grab all package togheter.

  • Cheers from Germany

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    Welcome,Marco !

  • Quote from Hammy: “The connectors are in short supply, i'm considering only selling this with the connector pre installed because we don't want originals getting sacked for the rare connector. ” Yeah sir - very few on stock indeed. Maybe deserve to put an order in advance for a few to be sure a batch a 25 will have the connector. i know, it's not a cheap connector. Quote from Hammy: “Ladies and gents. V1.3 is finished Take orders soon for V2.5 (yes it's that more advanced)…

  • Prepare your bodys boyzz ... the bom with material needed will comes very soon !

  • @segasonic91 ... did you tried to contact @xodaraP ? see , maybe he can help you with both multi kits. Cheers

  • All you need to know about how the Multi System 16B operate is on the video presentation of the SEGA System 16B Multi witch is related in the Apocalypse's theard .

  • Quote from Wall-Garants: “Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from Wall-Garants: “I use a top3000 to record the eproms, this programmer records most of the cps2 eproms minus the Sony, when I use an eprom in the HSF2 and SSF2x 01 file other than the 27c010 12.75 the sound is faulty, in all that I converted happened that. ” Have you checked the chips speed? ” Where do I see the speed? in the programmer you don't have many configuration options. ” ex : 27c4096 -12(that "12" means speed ... 120ns) ... -15…

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from Frank_fjs: “Which platform in particular? Would be difficult in the sense that I only own the CPS2 and S16 multi. ” Let us look towards the future! @Apocalypse is making Sega System 18 multi a reality. If we start now, the screen and art files for this can be available on day ONE. If @Frank_fjs needs a S18 motherboard we can start a Paypal donation fund to raise this money for him. I will pledge 50$, I know these are games are hitting the 300$+ range, and I wish…

  • As always, Isy is a great man.

  • Quote from XianXi: “$40 from OSHPark? The ones I sell are half the price, assembled. That’s the problem with OSH for boards that big because it has prototype pricing. Mine don’t support bootlegs unless the pinouts are the same. If anyone needs just the PCBs for any of my adapters just PM me. ” Yeah sir ... i don't understand the OSH prices , but it's their bussiness. i'll choose China everytime for a purpose like this for exemple, if i need a board to assemble . Looks nice your adapter btw , i d…

  • Quote from SnakeGrunger: “@AlxUnderBase @Apocalypse @xodaraP Sorry for the long wait, finally dug the parts and PCBs out and started soldering. Missing some ROMs and will order asap. 1-C0885-C6-46-E1-4-F46-B157-609-CB922-A157.jpg ” Thank you mr. F ! I can't wait to install this


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    European Union have stock for everything for years from now on (usual consumer items + perishable food - i think only medicine drugs are not exported by countries to countries)... i don't understand this panic when the usualy, peoples don't full the shopping cart. why they do this ? i don't understand why they do this even if we must don't go outside

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Tetris. 64x32 pixels. Centred on screen. Challenge met I'd say.…49dd331d353792153de023ea8 ” Can this bmp to to look enlarged little bit on the lcd screen ?

  • DIY Description : The Capcom Classics adapter is to be used for the select number of Capcom arcade titles which use the “Capcom Classics” proprietary arcade pinout. This adapter allow you to seamlessly & safely interface your Capcom arcade PCB’s directly to the Jamma standard with no wiring harness.Was designed this to work with both official and “most” bootleg equivalents, but he can not guarantee complete bootleg compatibility. The following OEM game PCB's are supported: - Avengers/Hissatsu Bu…

  • InfiniKey-CPS2

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    Quote from suverman: “Okies desolder and try again. What happens if the solder is shiny btw? ” Look here buddy

  • InfiniKey-CPS2

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    Quote from suverman: “Its a rev 7. Xvsj. The soldering looks bad but checked that the infinikey has proper connection with the board. ” reflow that joints and use there some flux first and then put fresh solder over. No good joints there sadly... the solder should look shinny .

  • This kind of layout looks awesome ! Quote from Frank_fjs: “Perfect inverted.…49dd331d353792153de023ea8 ”

  • Quote from Suteneko: “Just to clarify though on 8.37 at least there is no profile for 27C400 but there is one for 27C800 which is the same pin out apart from having two extra pins and double the size so it works as an alternative ” Check this for that profile. Thanks Apocalypse for the lesson about 27c400